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Page & Plant 1995-10-26 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Page & Plant
October 26th, 1995
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Nakamichi CM-300/cp4's>Casio DA-7, DAT>Tascam CDRW2000>CD
by Jon Pasternak

CD>xACT 1.71 (cdparanoia)>WAV>FLAC, all tracks extracted with no errors
by Dave Mallick

Disc 1 [61:55.54]
01. Intro                                   [01:52.11]
02. Immigrant Song intro>The Wanton Song    [03:38.21]
03. Bring It On Home                        [01:29.27]
04. Heartbreaker                            [04:46.74]
05. What Is And What Should Never Be        [05:50.61]
06. White Summer>No Quarter                 [06:09.56]
07. That's the Way                          [07:04.42]
08. Hurdy Gurdy Solo                        [04:04.05]
09. Gallows Pole                            [04:45.16]
10. Since I've Been Loving You              [08:53.57]
11. band intros                             [01:07.23]
12. The Song Remains The Same               [05:58.19]
13. band intros                             [01:35.46]
14. Going to California                     [04:39.46]

Disc 2 [67:06.16]
01. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You                [08:20.28]
02. Whole Lotta Love>                       [09:19.27]
03. When The Levee Breaks>Break On Through> [02:43.29]
04. Dazed & Confused>Whole Lotta Love       [04:02.57]
05. band intros                             [01:32.11]
06. Four Sticks                             [05:17.70]
07. Egyptian Instrumental                   [03:43.17]
08. In The Evening                          [07:35.74]
09. E: Black Dog                            [06:51.19]
10.    Kashmir                              [16:18.22]
11.    outro                                [01:21.37]


David Bowie The Savage Jaw Archives Volume 2

The Savage Jaw Archives.

The official SITA project in cooperation with Ziggy In Concert and Mind-Warp PaVilion.

Towards the end of the 1990's affordable home computers, CD copiers and internet connections forever changed the way that many music collectors traded their recordings. It became so much easier to contact other collectors from around the world without having to wait weeks for replies to letters, trades to be agreed and tapes to be copied, dispatched and delivered. Contacts could be made quickly and copies could be sent out quickly too. Unfortunately, the mail was still quite slow but it was all a big improvement in the opinion of many of us.

A group of traders would hang out at Ziggy In Concert forum and from there would get to know each other, arrange trades and generally have some fun whilst waiting for the mail to arrive. 
(  or  for a little stroll down memory lane)

Move the clock forward to 2004 by which time many of us had "super quick" 512kbps home "broadband" and had become familiar with BitTorrent which enabled us to get recordings sometimes in hours rather than weeks. The focus for music collectors had moved once again. We were crying out for a Torrent site which specialised in the artist whose music had brought us all together, namely David Bowie.

Goodness only knows how much work went on behind the scenes but on April 1st 2004, Savage Jaw opened it's doors, inviting everyone in to join the swarm and enjoy David Bowie "At The Atlantis". Not everybody saw this development as a good thing but the vast majority welcomed the site and the recordings with open arms. Throughout it's relatively short lifespan, Savage Jaw operated strictly to the motto "Where Quality Counts". Everything available through the site was the very best available to us. Sadly, Savage Jaw as a Bowie Torrent site closed it's doors around August 2005 but left a legacy of which those involved can be justifiably proud.

Rather than forget about this legacy a fitting tribute was put together in the form of The Savage Jaw Archives.

Vol. II
At TheAtlantis 1xCD - The Atlantis, Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas 20th December 2003 (possibly broadcast recording)
Dame Meditation 4xCD - Olympia Theatre, Dublin 8th and 9th August 1997
Life Is A Circus 1xCD - Beckenham Arts Lab, Clairville Grove, Chelsea 2nd February 1969. **Master Rip**. Perhaps one of the most important historical documents in the career of David Bowie. In 1969, Bowie and fellow Feathers colleague, John "Hutch" Hutchinson, recorded at least ten tracks, on a tape recorder, to send to various record labels. This demo tape eventually landed Bowie a deal with Mercury and launched his career.  As one can imagine, a recording made 35 years ago is not of pristine quality, but this version offers a better listening experience than many of the other discs floating around with this material.
Suffragette City 1xCD - Nassau Coliseum, USA 23rd March 1976. This show has appeared under many titles, but Suffragette City has the correct running order, and is without any fade-outs that are on some titles. The sound quality is very good.
The Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust 4xCD - BBC Radio Sessions 1967-1972. This is probably the best and most complete collection of the BBC radio sessions. The sound quality is very good except for a couple of sessions that were recorded from the radio.


The Who 2017-07-20 Arena @ Mohegan Sun Casino Uncasville, CT

The Who
Arena @ Mohegan Sun Casino
Uncasville, CT
July 20, 2017

North American tour 2017


Source info:

Sennheiser ME-104's>Tascam DR-07 (16/44.1, 40hz bass rolloff)
>USB> PC> GoldWave v5.56 (invert, balance levels)> CDWaveEditor v1.96 (track split)> TLH> Flac (6)

Taper: Ringfedder



01. I Can't Explain
02. The Seeker
03. Who Are You?
04. The Kids Are Alright
05. I Can See For Miles
06. My Generation
07. Behind Blue Eyes
08. Bargain
09. Join Together
10. You Better You Bet
11. Relay
12. Drowned
13. The Rock
14. Love Reign O'er Me
15. Eminence Front
16. Amazing Journey/Sparks
17. Pinball Wizard
18. See Me Feel Me/Listening To You
19. Baba O'Riley
20. Won't Get Fooled Again
21. -Band Introductions-

The Band:

Roger Daltery - vocals, harmonica
Pete Townshend - guitar, vocals

Zak Starkey – drums
Jon Button – bass
Simon Townshend - guitar, mandolin, vocals

Frank Simes - keyboards, percussion, vocals, music director
John Corey - keyboards, percussion, vocals
Loren Gold - keyboards, vocals


review By Ray Kelly |

UNCASVILLE, Conn -- When Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey brought "The Who Hits 50!" tour to the Mohegan Sun Casino in 2015, there was talk the veteran British rockers were bidding adieu to touring.

Obviously, the excitement of live performing has proven too strong to resist as demonstrated by their return appearance here on Thursday night.

While there is no denying the passage of time, the two men played a remarkably strong 21-song set before a sold crowd of 10,000 in the main arena.

Daltrey, 73, has weathered throat ailments and a bout of viral meningitis in recent years that would have silenced the howl of lesser singers. And Townshend, 72, somehow still plays guitar with the intensity and fury of an angry teenager.

Beginning with "I Can't Explain" and closing two hours later with "Won't Get Fooled Again," The Who mined their ridiculously rich catalog for a crowd that had its share of young faces.

Townshend chided one audience member early in the set saying that neither he nor his kid were around when "I Can See for Miles" debuted in 1967.

Two of best moments of the night were selections from the 1973 rock opera "Quadrophenia." Daltrey rattled the rafters with the powerful "Love, Reign O'er Me," while Townshend performed a mesmerizing solo acoustic version of "Drowned."


Bob Dylan 2017-07-19 Rogers Place Edmonton, Alberta


July 19, 2017

Guitar Riffs ( ? )
Things Have Changed
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Highway 61 Revisited
Why Try To Change Me Now (Coleman/McCarthy)
Summer Days
Make You Feel My Love
Duquesne Whistle
Melancholy Mood (?)
Stormy Weather (Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler)
Pay In Blood
Once Upon A Time
Tangled Up In Blue
Early Roman Kings
Desolation Row
Soon After Midnight
That Old Black Magic (Harold Arlen/Johnny Mercer)
Long And Wasted Years
Autumn Leaves (Kosma/Mercer/Prevert)
Blowin' In The Wind
Ballad Of A Thin Man

The Band
Bob Dylan - piano
Tony Garnier - bass
George Recile - drums
Stu Kimball - rhythm guitar
Charlie Sexton - lead guitar
Donnie Herron - violin, banjo, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel

Heres yet another one from Spot. Having had a brief rest he seems prepared to carry on  a bit longer
(wish the bank manager was oRogers Place Edmonto, ABf the same mind!)

Don't ask me when it will finish this time though.
This guy just never stops does he? He may even carry on after the tour has finished maybe???
Spot and I thank you for the fine comments and thanks.
We have no issue with these recordings  being placed elsewhere, after a week,
if we are credited and would prefer not to see remixes, but thats up to you.

The Caretaker

102 mins

This is a SPOT recording (thanks again as ever) and the equipment used was:
 Core Sound High End Binaural (HEB) DPA 4061's with Edirol by Roland R-09
Edited with Magix Audio lab Deluxe 2014


Gov't Mule 2017-07-15 Great South Bay Music Festival Shorefront Park, Patchogue, NY

Gov't Mule
Great South Bay Music Festival
Coors Light Stage (Main Stage)
Shorefront Park, Patchogue, NY

Nakamichi CM-700's cp-701 w/-15 attenuation > Sony PCM-M10 24bit @ 44.1kHz
Microphones in an XY pattern, clamped to soundboard post, approximately 10 feet high.

Recorded, Mastered & Edited by Joel Werner

*** Please do not circulate this recording in mp3 or other lossy formats.  Thank you and enjoy. ***

One Set

01  Railroad Boy
02  Thorazine Shuffle
03  Time To Confess
04  Doing It To Death
05  Sarah, Surrender
06  Stone Cold Rage
07  Revolution Come, Revolution Go
08  intro to guests
09  Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl*
10  Traveling Tune
11  Come & Go Blues
12  Dreams
13  Soulshine

*with Paul Nelson (guitar) & G. Love (harmonica)

Iron Maiden 2017-07-21 Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

Iron Maiden
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY
Friday July 21st, 2017
Recorded by viper from Section 211, row 17, seat 12 (see enclosed photos for my view)
Source: Nokia Lumia Icon w/built-in HAAC mics > Audio Recorder Pro app > 16/48KHz WAV > Audacity (tracks split)
Encoding: Trader's Little Helper > FLAC (Level 8)
Length: 1 hour, 54 minutes (114 minutes)

Track List:

01 Intro
02 If Eternity Should Fail
03 Speed of Light
04 Wrathchild
05 Bruce Speaks
06 Children of the Damned
07 Death or Glory
08 The Red and the Black
09 The Trooper
10 Powerslave
11 The Great Unknown
12 Bruce Speaks
13 The Book of Souls
14 Fear of the Dark
15 Iron Maiden
16 Audience


17 The Number of the Beast
18 Bruce Speaks
19 Blood Brothers
20 Wasted Years
21 Audience/Post-show comments

Steve Harris
Dave Murray
Adrian Smith
Bruce Dickinson
Nicko McBrain
Janick Gers


Had seats in the rafters for this one but still a great time.  No, I did not record Ghost as it proved impossible for me to get there in time, during rush hour, from Jersey.  Im pretty sure I'm going tonight again (July 22nd) so I'll do my best.  Up The Irons!!!


Bruce Hornsby 1996-07-18 Sandstone Ampitheater Bonner Springs, KS

Bruce Hornsby
Sandstone Ampitheater - Bonner Springs, KS

Source: SBD
Transfer: CD > EAC > Audacity > WAV > FLAC
Taped by Christian Richart
Transferred by Bill Graves

Furthur Festival

1. Hot House Ball
2. Night on the Town
3. Tango King
4. I Shall Be Released
5. Drunken Hiccups >
6. Western Skyline
7. Talk of the Town^
8. White Wheeled Limousine >
9. The Mighty Quinn

^-w/poem by Artis the Spoonman

This show is part of The Furthur Project -


Pearl Jam 2014-01-19 Metricon Stadium Gold Coast, Australia

Pearl Jam
19th of January 2014
Big Day out
Metricon Stadium
Gold Coast, Australia.

01.Do the Evolution
03.Hail Hail
04.Got Some
05.Mind Your Manners
06.Given to Fly
07.Big Wave
09.Lightning Bolt
10.Even Flow
11.Introductions & Dedication
12.Unthought Known
14.Down (cut)(Lukin entirely cut)
15.Not For You
16.Let the Records Play
18.Encore Break (cut) / Where's the moon? (talking)
19.Yellow Moon
20.Elderly Woman...
23.Jeremy / Any Requests? (talking)
25.Surfing World Champions (talking)
29.Rocking in the Free World

Taper :Brisjam
Source  :SP-CMC-2>SP-SPSB-8>Tascam DR-03 (@24/48)>Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (Amplify & fades)resample to 16/44.1)>Cd Wave (tracking)>Trader's Little Helper (encoding, checksums)>flac 8


Rush 1981-03-15 Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI

Rush - Cobo Hall, Detroit
Media: 2 CDR
Source: Audience
Date: March 15, 1981
Location: Cobo Hall Arena. Detroit, Michigan


01 - 2112 Overture   3:16
02 - 2112 Temples of Syrinx   2:17
03 - Freewill   5:35
04 - Limelight   5:20
05 - Hemispheres Prelude   4:26
06 - Beneath, Between And Behind   2:43
07 - The Camera Eye   11:02
08 - YYZ   2:30
09 - Drum Solo   5:34


01 - Broon's Bane   0:49
02 - The Trees   4:14
03 - Xanadu   10:25
04 - The Spirit of Radio   5:29
05 - Red Barchetta   6:48
06 - Closer To The Heart   3:49
07 - Tom Sawyer   4:54
08 - Vital Signs   5:05
09 - Natural Science   8:12
10 - Working Man   1:14
11 - Hemispheres Armageddon  0:49


Bruce Springsteen 1988-04-04 Capital Centre, Largo, Maryland

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
April 4th, 1988
Capital Centre, Largo, Maryland, USA
Title: C'mon Mr Trouble
Label: Garden State Discs
Source: Audience Tape

Upload include md5, ffp and artwork.

My first upload, so do let me know if there are any problems.
A rarely circulated and excellent audience recording from
the Tunnel Of Love Express tour. I obtained this in a trade years
ago and remember that it took a good while to get hold of back in
the day! It was worth the wait - remember, this was back before
the likes of EV2 and JEMS came along and delivered much treasure!

01. Tunnel of love
02. Be true
03. Adam raised a Cain
04. Two faces
05. All that heaven will allow
06. Seeds
07. Roulette
08. Cover me
09. Brilliant disguise
10. Spare parts
11. War
12. Born in the USA

01. Tougher than the rest
02. Ain't got you/She's the one
03. You can look (but you better not touch)
04. I'm a coward
05. I'm on fire
06. One step up
07. Part man part monkey
08. Walk like a man
09. Dancing in the dark
10. Light of day
11. Born to run

01. Hungry heart
02. Glory days
03. Love me tender
04. Rosalita (Come out tonight)
05. Detroit Medley
06. I see a train
07. Sweet soul music
08. Detroit Medley (reprise)
09. Raise your hand
10. Tunnel of love*
11. Tunnel of love*
12. Be true*
13. Interlude*
14. Be true*
15. Adam raised a cain*
16. Adam raised a cain*
17. Two faces*

*Tracks 10 to 17, Soundcheck, Feb 25, 1988 The Centrum, Worcester, MA, USA


Iron Maiden 1985-02-15 Hollywood Sportatorium Hollywood, FL

Iron Maiden 1985-02-15 Hollywood Sportatorium Hollywood, FL

Disc 1
Churchill's Speech
Aces High
2 Minutes To Midnight
The Trooper
The Flight Of Icarus
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Disc 2
Guitar Solo
The Number Of The Beast
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Iron Maiden
Run To The Hill
Running Free


Led Zeppelin 1980-07-02 Eisstadion, Mannheim, Germany

Led Zeppelin
July 2, 1980
Eisstadion, Mannheim, Germany
Title: Dinosaurs Watching
Label: Flying Disc Music
Sound: Good Soundboard
Artwork: Yes

Original Silver CD's>EAC Secure Mode>Wav>Flac Frontend Level 8>Tested

Disc 1
1) The Train Kept A Rollin'
2) Nobody's Fault But Mine
3) Black Dog
4) In The Evening
5) The Rain Song
6) Hot Dog
7) All My Love
8) Trampled Underfoot
9) Since I've Been Loving You

Disc 2
1) Achilles Last Stand
2) White Summer/ Black Mountain Side
3) Kashmir
4) Stairway To Heaven
5) Rock And Roll
6) Whole Lotta Love


KISS 1996-07-30 Fleet Center Boston, MA

JULY 30TH 1996

UNKNOWN -> CDR -> WAV -> FLAC (level 8)

16. 100,000 YEARS
19. BETH


Friday, July 21, 2017

Pearl Jam Nirvana Red Hot Chili Peppers 1991-12-31 Cow Palace: San Francisco, CA9SV059 - "JAM LIKE HELL (Platinum Edition)")

Pearl Jam
Red Hot Chili Peppers
SV059 - "JAM LIKE HELL (Platinum Edition)"
December 31, 1991
Cow Palace: San Francisco, CA (Daly City, CA)

Source: Nakamichi CM-300s > Sony WM-D6 > analog (master) > cdr > dEdit > dEQ > flac

Taper: M.P.
Editing and Remastering: Allen Robertson
Artwork: Allen Robertson


**Pearl Jam Set**
01 Once
02 (Waiting Room)/Even Flow
03 (Suggestion)
04 Why Go
05 Jeremy
06 Alive
07 Leash
08 (Smells Like Teen Spirit)
09 Porch

**Nirvana Set**
10 intro
11 Drain You
12 Aneurysm
13 School
14 Floyd the Barber
15 Smells Like Teen Spirit
16 About a Girl
17 Sliver
18 Polly
19 Breed
20 Come as You Are
21 Lithium
22 Dumb
23 Territorial Pissings

**RHCP Set (part 1)**
01 Love Trilogy
02 The Organic Anti-Beat Box Band
03 (No Head No Backstage Pass)
04 Suck My Kiss
05 Subterranean Homesick Blues
06 Funky Crime
07 Give It Away
08 Nobody Weird Like Me
09 If You Have to Ask
10 Stone Cold Bush

**RHCP Set (part 2)**
01 (Superstar)/Blood Sugar Sex Magic/(Magic Johnson)
02 I Could Have Lied
03 Subway to Venus
04 (Sexy Mexican Maid)/(Fela's Cock) jam (^)
05 (Fopp)/Special Secret Song Inside (Party On Your Pussy)/(Red Hot Mama)/Me And My Friends
06 Yertle the Turtle/Freaky Styley Medley/(Cosmic Slop)/(Atomic Dog) jam
07 (After Hours)
08 Crosstown Traffic


(^) = includes the New Year's Eve countdown

Recording Notes:
All three sets are sourced directly from the master, including the elusive RHCP set which seems like it
has never circulated very much, if at all. Edited to even out some volume adjustments the taper did at
the beginning of the PJ and Nirvana sets, smoothed out where the taper paused after "Dumb" and "Me and My
Friends", and removed a few pops. There is also an unfixable small cut @ 9:28 of disc 3, track 6.

The total time of the first disc is 80:33. Almost all modern cd burners can overburn to a little over 82 minutes
using capable burning software. Check out the net for specifics on what your particular burner can handle, or
you can of course separate the two sets onto two discs if you have any problems.

This release should not be confused with SV023, called "JAM LIKE HELL". Basically the differences between that
earlier release and this one is SV023 does not include the RHCP set, and there are more cdr extractions in the
source lineage.

Also very special thanks to Dominick Gruber in Germany who spent a good bit of time helping me identify all
the teases in the RHCP set.

Artwork Notes:
The artwork is designed to fit a 3-cd fat "quad" cd style jewelcase. It could be surely modified to fit two
separate traditional jewelcases if desired.

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons):
New Year's Eve and three great bands! Ed comments, "If I wasn't in this band, I would still make sure I was here
tonight." Ed sings part of Fugazi's 'Waiting Room' as an intro to 'Even Flow.' A driven performance, with a
particularly intense version of 'Alive.' Flea of RHCP assists with vocals during 'Leash.' The 'Teen Spirit' teaser
(actually the longest teaser I've heard) is followed by Stone's quip, "Just remember, we played it first." Ed
performs one of his finest stage dives, repeating it later during the 'Yurtle the Turtle' encore with the Chili

This is being distributed by in tandem with, and is part of a series of
the best Pearl Jam shows in existence.
If the artwork is not included, you can find it at

Compiled on another late night by spacedvest on 8/2/04.


Led Zeppelin 1969-04-24 Fillmore West San Francisco CA(EVSD)

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: 4/24/69
Venue: Fillmore West
Location: San Francisco California
Bootleg: Blues Anytime EVSD-145
Source: Audience
Lineage: CDR>EAC,Offset Corrected,Secure Mode,Test and Copy>WAV>FLAC Frontend Level 8 with Verify>FLAC

This is for Jameskg thx for all the great shows you post.


1. As Long As I Have You
2. Killing Floor
3. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
4. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
5. Pat's Delight

Info taken from

Blues Anytime (Empress Valley), Conquering California (Dinopower Records), Cracker Jack Blues (Jelly Roll), Fillmore
West (LSD), Fillmore West '69 (Scorpio), Psychedelic Raw Blues (Immigrant)
Scorpio and Immigrant are both missing 40 seconds of the introduction. Dinopower is missing the entire introduction.
Immigrant and Dino both have a 2 second gap early in White Summer that isn't found on the other releases. Scorpio,
Immigrant, and Dino are cut near 3 minutes into White Summer, missing 11 seconds of music. A total of 38 seconds have
been removed from Immigrant's titles in the area of the speed up during White Summer. Immigrant and Dino are the only
titles to have a dropout two minutes into Pat's Delight. Dino has a dropout in As Long As I Have You not found on the
other titles. It's also missing the last 7 seconds of tape after Pat's Delight.
Empress Valley replaced the tape stretch in White Summer with what seems to be tape from a different show. The tape
gap in the beginning of Babe is completed here using the Danish TV show.
There's no difference in tape generation between the titles. There are differences in amplification. Immigrant,
Empress Valley, and Dinopower are the loudest, followed by Jelly Roll.


KISS 1975-03-19 The Roxy Northampton, PA

Northampton, PA

Back when the band was out on the streets and hungry.

1. Deuce
2. Strutter
3. Got To Choose
4. Hotter Than Hell
5. Firehouse
6. She
7. ACE guitar solo
8. Nothing To Loose
9. Parasite
10. 100,000 years
11. Black diamond
12. C'mon & Love Me
13. Let Me Go Rock And Roll
14. Cold Gin


The Rolling Stones - Who the Hate is Brian Jones (shaved disk [TSD 022])

The Rolling Stones - Who the Hate is Brian Jones (shaved disk [TSD 022])

Cdr (trade) -> WAV -> Flac Frontend (6) -> FLAC

1. Dear Doctor [00:03:29]
2. No Expectations [00:02:51]
3. Sister Morphine [00:05:43]
4. Get Yourself Together (aka Can't Believe it) [00:02:51]
5. Yesterday's Papers [00:02:03]
6. Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue (aka Dandelion) [00:02:08]
7. We Love You [00:03:11]
8. You Got The Silver [00:02:52]
9. Gimme Shelter [00:04:38]
10. Jumping Jack Flash [00:02:34]
11. Child of the Moon [00:03:18]

• 1968-05-13: Olympic Sound Studios, London, England, Studio Session
Track: 1
Track: 2
Track: 3

• 1966-08-03: RCA Studios, Hollywood, CA, Studio Session
Track: 4
Track: 5

• 1966-11-08: Olympic Sound Studios, London, UK, Studio Session
Track: 6

• 1967-07-02: Olympic Sound Studios, London, UK, Studio Session
Track: 7

• 1969-02-10: Olympic Sound Studios, London, England, Studio Session
Track: 8

• 1969-10-17: Elektra Studios, Los Angeles, CA, Studio Session
Track: 9

• 1968-04-20: Olympic Sound Studios, London, UK, Studio Session
Track: 10

• 1968-03-17: Olympic Sound Studios, London, UK, Studio Session
Track: 11

Released: 2002. Origin: Japan.
Outakes 1967- 1969. Excellent soundboard. Rare version of "Can't Believe".


The Rolling Stones 1966-07-28 " So Much Younger Then Today", International Center Honolulu, Hawaii

The Rolling Stones - " So Much Younger Then Today"
( 7-28-66), Honolulu, Hawaii, International Center
Audience Recording
Lineage: Trader CD-R > EAC, Secure Mode, Accurate Stream, No Disable Cache > WAV > Flac Frontend, Encoding Options, Level.6, Align On Sector Boundaries > Flac
Label: Swinging Pig
Original Taper: N/A

1) Introduction/Not Fade Away
2) The Last Time
3) Paint It Black
4) Lady Jane
5) Mothers Little Helper
6) Get Off Of My Cloud
7) 19th Nervous Breakdown
8) Satisfaction/Outroduction


Please Do Not Convert To Lossy Formats
Please Do Not Sell
Please Share With Others

This is the oldest Stones show I have in my collection, it's been in heavy rotation in my stereo the past few days,  I thought that maybe everyone here might enjoy it.

The show was presented by the radio station K-Poi in Hawaii, I don't know that much about Stones bootlegs, so if anyone has more detailed info about the show, I greatly appreciate their help.

I had a friend who got to see the Stones play the first show at the International Center in 73, the infamous " In Exotic Honolulu" performance.

The sound quality is amazing for a 66 show, I'm amazed how clear it is, sounds like it was taped very close to the stage.


Neil Young 1971-02-23 BBC Television Theatre plus Tonight's The Night Acetate

Broken Arrow: BBC Sessions

BBC Sessions, February 23, 1971
Tonight's The Night Acetate 1975
Excellent quality

1. Out On The Weekend
2. Old Man
3. Journey Through The Past
4. Heart Of Gold
5. Don't Let It Bring You Down
6. A Man Needs A Maid
7. Love In Mind
8. Dance Dance Dance
9. Tonight's The Night
10. Mellow My Mind
11. Roll Another Number
12. Tired Eyes
13. Speakin' Out
14. Walk On
15. For The Turnstiles
16. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
17. New Mama
18. Winterlong
19. Borrowed Time
20. Believe Me

Tracks 1-8: BBC Sessions
Tracks 9-20: Tonight's The Night acetate


Yes 1977-08-25 Omni Coliseum Atlanta, GA

Omni Coliseum
Atlanta, GA
August 25, 1977
Audience recording

Lineage: unknown lineage -> trade CDR -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC

Sometimes it can take me a while to get around to listening to stuff I download... 10 years ago I downloaded a copy of this show entitled "7 From 77", which I believe also circulates as "TheTooleMan 2002 Edition", and just now got around to comparing it to a copy of this show I received in snail mail trade eons ago.  While they're both from the same source, I think my copy sounds significantly better, plus "7 from 77" tests lossy...  Only downside is the brief cut during "Starship Trooper".  In any case, I hope this is an upgrade for many of you.

01 - Firebird Suite
02 - Parallels
03 - I've Seen All Good People
04 - Close To The Edge
05 - Wonderous Stories
06 - Colours Of The Rainbow
07 - Turn Of The Century
08 - And You And I
09 - Leaves Of Green
10 - And You And I
11 - Flight Jam
12 - Awaken
13 - Starship Trooper
14 - Roundabout

Shared by sndchaser, November 2014


Rush 1980-01-26 Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York(3rd source)

Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Poughkeepsie, NY
Eeklair finished

Lineage Soundboard > "National Sound" release > Dime Torrent > Eek Tweak > Flac lvl 5 > you

Track Listing

01 Jacob's Ladder 7.37
02 Working Man 3.34
03 Finding my Way .23
04 Anthem 1.39
05 Bastille Day 1.28
06 In the Mood 2.45
07 Drum Solo (Doctor Braino) 4.43
08 Working Man ending .48
09 La Villa Strangiato 9.44
10 Cool Down Music - "We'll Meet Again" ( by Vera Lynn) 1.34

Eeklair's Notes:

Disclaimer: I used the "National Sound" bootleg as my source for this release. NS had flaws that I corrected here.

This is my fix for my pleasure. This is not a hijacking, this is a reworking. It should not have been released as it was, and my reasoning is cited below.

A few minutes into Jacob's Ladder the right channel went dull for whatever reason. This was most noticable in headphones. Without going into too much detail, I fixed the problem.

The next thing i did was EQ more bass and more high end into it - to match the EQ of the St Louis 80 Soundboard. The intention being that these two shows could be companions for each other...

I then performed a seriously needed DC BIAS adjustment. Kinda like SBE's, this thing was way off the mark of its necessary 'ZERO' point.

That's it, I believe it makes a truer companion now to the best version of the St Louis 80 show that's out there.

Enjoy loudly, and especially under headphones.



Original Uploader's Production Notes

What a great find for the Rush community.  A nice crisp soundboard from the Permanent Waves tour.  While it isn't complete, what is present is excellent!  One of the highlights would have to be Alex's playing in Working Man.  A few years ago I read a magazine article in which the author stated that Alex doesn't have the fastest fingers in the world and perhaps he doesn't but then again I don't think that the author ever heard this show either!  Geddy introduces Neil as "Dr. Draino" at the beginning of the drum solo (where did that come from?!?).  Listen to this show loud and with headphones.  The stereo effects are amazing.  Listen to La Villa Strangiato and you might just get dizzy listening to the music move from channel to channel.  It truly is great!  The nice thing is that Geddy does confirm the location part way through In the Mood.  Thanks Ged!

From a production stand point, not too terribly much was done to the raw source.  The raw source did run a tad over 5% too fast so that was corrected.  There were a fix clicks and pops, a few strange transitions and volume fluctuations but those were easily fixed. 

Unfortunately the source for this show was never given a tape including the first half of the show so unless something comes out of the woodwork, this is all we have.  Scans of the master tape are included on the artwork.  The master tape is labeled Side 3 and Side 4 and is labeled with a "dub" sticker.  Because of how the source obtained them, because of the dub sticker, because part of Side 3 is on Side 4 and because there is a very small amount of hiss present, I believe (for an educated guess) that this is a first generation tape.  That being the case, perhaps there is a complete show out there....somewhere in Xanadu.

Great thanks goes out to Neph for the quick turnaround on the artwork, to Currygoat for helping with the speed issues, to Cashman for the uncirculated pictures used on the artwork and of course to DKBroiler for the source.  Thanks one and all!

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! Released on The Alien Shore -  As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.


Bela Fleck & Flecktones 2003-02-11 Amphitheatre Pompano Beach, FL

BELA FLECK and the Flecktones
(feb 11, 2003)
Pompano Beach, FL

audience recording
Source: Schoeps CMC5/MK41 > Lunatec V2 > Apogee Mini-Me > Sony D8
Location: Section B, Row 16, Seats 27+28
Conversion: Fostex D5 > Audiophile 2496 > Sound Forge 6.0 (Normalized 100%) > CD Wave > MKWact
Taped by: Chris Maler, Transfered by: Chris Maler

CD1 73:31
1. Intro 0:37
2. Next  6:57
3. Puffy Is Free 11:54
4. Shuba Yatra 9:12
5. 3/4 10:34
6. Victor solo 9:18
7. Stomping Grounds 5:43
8. Wipe Out 3:03
9. Stomping Grounds 2:03

10. Futch solo 14:01

CD2 68:16
1. Vix 9 8:00
2. Sherpa 18:28
3. Off The Top 7:44
4. Moment So Close 9:33
5. Bela solo 13:00
6. Hoe Down 11:27

cover artwork inside

taping policy:

Here're the author's original notes:
Great Flecktones show. Superb performance, introducing their great album "Little Worlds".
Audience recording with very good sound. Although you can hear some occasional
chatter, it don't disturb the great performance.

seeded by PAMPLINA on Sep 13, 2005 as torrent #59516
re-seeded by FBAUER 2014-11-03


Van Halen 2012-06-03 Coliseum Arena Oakland, California

Van Halen
Coliseum Arena
Oakland, California
June 3, 2012

Zoom H2

Quality: B++

 Runnin’ With The Devil
 She’s The Woman
 The Full Bug
 Everybody Wants Some!!
 Somebody Get Me A Doctor
 Hear About It Later
 (Oh) Pretty Woman
 Drum Solo

 You Really Got Me
 The Trouble With Never
 Dance The Night Away
 I’ll Wait
 And The Cradle Will Rock… (w/'Smoke on the Water' riff)
 Hot For Teacher
 Women In Love
 Beautiful Girls
 Ice Cream Man
 Eruption/Cathedral/Guitar Solo
 Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

Notes: Van Halen returning to the venue where it recorded the famous 1981 videos. Pretty good show overall, seems like the band enjoys getting out there and playing. Roth's voice was a lot better than the last time I saw them in D.C., but is still a little funky. Roth's schtick is a bit odd throughout the night, from the weird stories, baton twirling, dogs, poses,etc;  the dude has lost a few marbles along the way. But the band is tight and Eddie is great, right behind Jimi as the best ever. He did flub a few notes, most notably the intro to "Women in Love" but overall he is a marvel, still most exciting guitar player out there. Hard to miss him if he is in town especially with Roth at the mic with the classic material.


Van Halen 2012-04-21 Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro, NC(SOUNDCHECK)

Van Halen
Greensboro, NC
Greensboro Coliseum
April 21, 2012

Taper:  Rerun
Equipment: receivers>cables>recorder


Left channel:  Wolfgang
Right channel:  Eddie

01.  drum check
02.  Unchained
03.  Running With the Devil
04.  She's the Woman
05.  requests denied
06.  Tattoo
07.  As Is
08.  Light Up the Sky

notes:  stumbled across this "mini audience" soundcheck as I was getting my gear setup...did not plan on recording this but I'm glad I David Lee Roth, but a pretty cool jam session non the less.  Some static here and there but nothing you can't get past.  I had
to cut and past from one channel to the other in a few spots to get rid of some major static.  There is a ton of cow bell on Wolfgang's
feed, horrible really.  If you like one channel better than the other, just load the tracks in your media tool (Adobe, Sound Forge, etc.)
and copy the right or left into a new track on its own...I didn't mix them because I thought everyone might like independent feeds.

You can do what ever you want with this.


Grateful Dead 1980-09-30 Warfield Theatre San Francisco, CA

Grateful Dead - September 30, 1980
Warfield Theatre - San Francisco, CA

Recording Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master -> FLAC

Transfer Info:
FLAC -> Adobe Audition v5.5 -> Samplitude Pro X2 Suite -> FLAC
(3 Discs Audio / 1 DVD FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
February 1, 2015

Audience Patches:
Estimated Prophet (7:40 - 8:05)
Black Peter (9:10 - end of track)
Good Lovin' (0:00 - 0:06)

-- All disc changes are seamless
-- Thanks to those who worked on this before me
-- Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with the pitch correction

Set 1:
d1t01 - On The Road Again
d1t02 - Jack-A-Roe
d1t03 - Monkey And The Engineer
d1t04 - Bird Song
d1t05 - Dark Hollow
d1t06 - Rosalie McFall
d1t07 - Heaven Help The Fool
d1t08 - China Doll
d1t09 - Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie ->
d1t10 - Ripple

Set 2:
d1t11 - Alabama Getaway ->
d1t12 - Promised Land
d1t13 - Peggy-O
d1t14 - Beat It On Down The Line
d1t15 - Friend Of The Devil
d2t01 - Lazy Lightnin' ->
d2t02 - Supplication
d2t03 - Loser
d2t04 - Little Red Rooster
d2t05 - Big Railroad Blues

Set 3:
d2t06 - Feel Like A Stranger ->
d2t07 - Franklin's Tower
d2t08 - Samson And Delilah
d3t01 - He's Gone ->
d3t02 - Estimated Prophet ->
d3t03 - Drums ->
d3t04 - Space ->
d3t05 - The Other One ->
d3t06 - Black Peter ->
d3t07 - Good Lovin'

d3t08 - Brokedown Palace


Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams 2008-05-31 Narrows Center for the Arts Fall River, MA

Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams
May 31, 2008
Narrows Center for the Arts
Fall River, MA

Source:   DPA 4022 > Oade WMOD Fostex FR-2LE [.wav @ 24-bit/48kHz]
Lineage:  Fostex FR-2LE > USB 2.0 > Amadeus Pro v2.0.7 > .flac [level 8]
Location: FOB, 6' ROC, 15' from stage, elevated 7'
Mics:     ORTF

Taped & Transferred by James Bonaiuto (
Total: [129:43.63]
Set 1:

01. intro                                                  
02. Desire                                                  
03. Pushin' Up Daisies                                      
04. I Wish #                                                
05. Flapjacks From The Sky                                  
06. Light A Way                                             
07. Tink (I Know It's You)                                  
08. Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat ^                             
09. Subterranean Homesick Blues ^                           
10. The Great Unravel                                                                                 

Set 2:

01. intro                                                  
02. Picture                                                 
03. Clear Channel                                          
04. Call To The Mystic                                      
05. Forever And A Day Like This                            
06. Talkin' To The Buddha                                  
07. Alice In Space                                        
08. encore                                               
09. Everyone Has A Broken Heart                           
10. The Yodel Song                                          
11. Angels We Have Heard On High/Gloria $         

# = with Folsom Prison Pinball intro: The Who [lyrics] & Johnny Cash [music]
^ = by Bob Dylan
$ = Angels: traditional/Gloria: by Them
Amadeus Pro Notes:

- Balanced channels
- EQ on treble
- Normalized peak level to -0.1 dB
- Faded beginning/end of sets

Link 1

Link 2

Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams April 26, 2008 Irvington Town Hall Theater Irvington, NY

Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams
April 26, 2008
Irvington Town Hall Theater
Irvington, NY

Source:   DPA 4022 > Oade WMOD Fostex FR-2LE [.wav @ 24-bit/48kHz]
Lineage:  Fostex FR-2LE > USB 2.0 > Amadeus Pro v2.0.7 > .flac [level 8]
Location: DFC, clamped to balcony rail
Mics:     ORTF

Taped & Transferred by James Bonaiuto (
Total: [117:18.06]
Set 1:

01. intro                                                  
02. Desire                                                
03. Pushin' Up Daisies                                     
04. Summer's Day                                          
05. The Yodel Song                                          
06. I Wish                                                  
07. Clear Channel                                          
08. Light A Way                                            
09. Tink (I Know It's You) *                                
10. The Great Unravel                                                                                

Set 2:

01. intro/Happy Birthday Joziah                             
02. Fumes                                                   
03. Naniwan #                                               
04. Picture                                                
05. Watching Cities Fall                                   
06. Like A Rolling Stone $                             
07. Already Broken                                          
08. Forever And A Day Like This                          
09. Alice In Space                                          
10. encore                                               
11. Angels We Have Heard On High/Gloria ^              

* = with Seth Gallagher on Uilleann pipes
# = Chinese traditional, Cui Jian version
$ = by Bob Dylan
^ = Angels: traditional/Gloria: by Them


Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams 2007-10-27 "Pirate Ball" Mauch Chunk Opera House, Jim Thorpe, PA

Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams
"Pirate Ball"
Mauch Chunk Opera House, Jim Thorpe, PA

01 intro
02 Glide
03 Moondog House
04 Blackjack David
05 Favorite Riff medley
06 Flapjacks From The Sky
07 Ragland Road

08 Belle Of Belfast City
09 I Know Its You
10 Circus Of Dreams
11 Syd
12 Sullivan Lane
13 Tam Lin
14 Cape Cod Girls

15 Just Like Me medley
16 Talkin To The Buddha
17 Alice In Space
18 Angels We Have Heard > Gloria

SoundPros binaurals -> Edirol R-09 -> DC7 -> Flac Front end

Link 1

Link 2

Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams 2007-08-09 Eddie's Attic Decatur, GA

Band/Artist: Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams
Date: August 9, 2007 (check for other copies)
Venue: Eddie's Attic
Location: Decatur, GA

Source: AT853 (cardioid,FOS)> SP-BB > Edirol R-09 (16/44.1 WAV)> SD card
Lineage: SD card > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > TLH > FLAC
Taped by: Debra Jones (datgirl333)
Transferred by: Debra Jones (datgirl333)

01 Intro > Sunday In The Rain
02 Circus Of Dreams
03 Gates of Eden
04 Baby Jane
05 Sullivan Lane
06 Talkin' To The Buddha
07 Alice In Space


Gandalf Murphy And The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams 2007-03-23 Suwannee Springfest, SOSMP, Live Oak, FL

Gandalf Murphy And The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams
Ampitheater Stage, Suwannee Springfest, SOSMP, Live Oak, FL

01 Sunday In The Rain
02 Circus Of Dreams
03 Yodel Song
04 Gates Of Eden
05 Baby Jane
06 Sullivan Lane
07 She's In Her Own World
08 Talkin To The Buddha
09 Alice In Space

ECM-929p -> Edirol R-09 -> DC6 -> Flac front end


Gandalf Murphy And The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams 2007-03-24 Meadow Stage, Suwannee Springfest, SOSMP, Live Oak, FL

Gandalf Murphy And The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams
Meadow Stage, Suwannee Springfest, SOSMP, Live Oak, FL

01 Desire
02 Yodel Song
03 Everyone Has A Broken Heart
04 Flapjacks From The Sky
05 Light A Way
06 Thats Just Me
07 Alice In Space

unknown (ADKs ?) very good quality mics and preeamp -> Edirol R-09 -> DC6 ->Flac front end


Guns N' Roses 1988-12-14 Entertainment Centre Melbourne, Australia

'Entertainment Centre', Melbourne, Australia

Analogue Master Cassette > Adobe Audition > dBpoweramp > FLAC

01. Intro
02. You're Crazy
03. It's So Easy
04. Mr Brownstone

05. Move To The City
06. Out Ta Get Me
07. Patience
08. Rocket Queen
09. My Michelle [Tape Flip During Song]
10. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
11. Guitar Solo
12. Welcome To The Jungle
13. Sweet Child O' Mine
14. Paradise City

It is with pleasure that I share this transfer of GNR Melbourne 1988 taken directly from the MASTER TAPE.  I received this tape from the taper a few years back as well as Sydney 1st Gen cassette, Melbourne 15-12-88 2nd Gen video and Izzy Melbourne 1992 8mm video MASTER (Thanks MS).

A really nice show and the best quality you will find it in.  That being said, I have not adjusted anything so could do with a remaster, sound boost and clean-up etc. but I wanted to present the original MASTER tape as I have it.

As with all my transfers, nothing has been altered or adjusted, pretty-well press play on the tape and hit record.

I hope you enjoy this one.  Let me know if you remaster!



Yes 1998-08-08 Mars Music Amphitheatre W. Palm Beach, FL

Mars Music Amphitheatre
W. Palm Beach, FL
August 8, 1998
Audience recording

Show of unknown lineage downloaded from Remy's site.

1.01 Firebird Suite (1.49)
1.02 Siberian Khatru (cuts in) (6.31)
1.03 Rhythm Of Love (7.23)
1.04 Yours Is No Disgrace (14.35)
1.05 Open Your Eyes (6.16)
1.06 And You And I (12.57)
1.07 Heart Of The Sunrise (12.25)
1.08 The Little Galliard - Mood For A Day (4.43)
1.09 Second Initial - The Clap (7.15)

2.01 Wonderous Stories (5.46)
2.02 Igor Khoroshev Solo (1.13)
2.03 Long Distance Runaround - WhiteFish (13.05)
2.04 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (6.05)
2.05 Close To The Edge (22.24)
2.06 I've Seen All Good People (9.42)
2.07 Roundabout (9.53)


Stevie Ray Vaughan 1984-05-05 Springfest '84 The Tripping Field, SUNY, New Paltz, NY

Stevie Ray Vaughan 1984-05-05 Springfest '84 The Tripping Field, SUNY, New Paltz, NY

Stereo Boombox > Maxell UDXLII (No Dolby) > Sony TC-KA1ESA Tape Deck > Prodigy HD2 Soundcard > Cool Edit Pro (minor edits, slight bass boost) > Wav > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC 6 (no SBE)

1) Scuttle Buttin'
2) Testify
3) Voodoo Child
4) The Things (That) I Used To Do
5) Mary Had A Little Lamb
6) Texas Flood
7) Pride and Joy/
8) Little Wing
9) Third Stone From the Sun

While many websites list this event as occurring on 4/28, 4/29, 5/4 or even 5/15, the taper confirms Springfest was always held on the first Saturday in May so that would be 5/5.


KISS 1979-08-08 War Memorial Buffalo, NY

War Memorial
Buffalo, NY

Version: Knights In Satin's Service

Sound: 7 out 10 tape hiss and sound like the mic location was moved during the recording.

Source: aud tape-gen 3 -> computer -> wav 48 khz/20 bits PCM -> dpamp -> no eg/HD processed -> FLAC 8

Set list:

01 - King of the Night Time World
02 - Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Rolls
03 - Move On
04 - Calling Dr Love
05 - Firehouse
06 - New York Groove
07 - I Was Made For Loving You
08 - Christine Sixteen
09 - 2000 Man
10 - God of Thudner
11 - Shout It Out Loud
12 - Black Diamond
13 - Detroit Rock City
14 - Beth-> Rock N Roll All Night


Rush 1980-06-05 Hammersmith Odeon London, UK(2nd source)

Rush - Live In London 1st Night
Media: 2 CDR
Time: 70:53, 34:45
Source: Audience
Date: June 5, 1980
Location: Hammersmith Odeon, London


01 - 2112 14:37
02 - Freewill 6:06
03 - Bytor And The Snowdog 6:12
04 - Xanadu 12:44
05 - The Spirit of Radio 4:56
06 - Natural Science 8:48
07 - A Passage To Bangkok 3:55
08 - The Trees 13:33


01 - Hemispheres 15:01
02 - Closer To The Heart 3:19
03 - Working Man 3:26
04 - Finding My Way 0:23
05 - Anthem 1:37
06 - Bastile Day 1:27
07 - In The Mood 2:43
08 - Drum Solo 0:30
09 - La Villa Strangiato 6:18


Dire Straits 1985-09-09 The Greek Theatre , Los Angeles, CA

Dire Straits 1985-09-09 The Greek Theatre , Los Angeles, CA
From Master Tapes. Audience Recording. Very Good Quality.

Lineage : Radio Shack Handheld cassette deck-->TDK SA-90's-->Sony TC665S-->

Disk 1
 1  Ride Across The River
 2  Expresso Love
 3  One World
 4  Romeo & JUliet
 5  Private Investigations
 6  Sultans Of Swing
 7  Why worry

Disk 2
 1 Walk Of Life
 2 Two Young Lovers
 3 Money For Nothing
 4 Wild West End
 5 Tunnel Of Love
 6 Brothers In Arms #
 7 Solid Rock #
 8 Going Home #

 # = Encore

I recorded this myself with a small hand held deck I bought at Radio Shack using the built-in mics. Beware : This is not as clean as the digital recordings you can get now a days. The sound is a little muddy. There is some crowd noise , some chatty exchanges , but it is a nice listen. I will up a couple mp3 samples. You decide if you want to download it.
I have only traded this one time. This is a transfer from my master tapes. I am not an expert at the mastering process , so just recorded it flat, without any boosting or tampering of any kind other then some hiss removal.

There are a couple rough spots : I read a review of the tour in Rolling Stone at the time which said  " includes a 9 minute Sultans Of Swing " So I was concerned with the tape flip. The first flip is just at the start of Sultans , which is slightly clipped. The second flip is near the end of Wild West End , I edited these two sides together using CoolEdit2000. It's hard to say how much is clipped , but I don't think it is more then a few seconds.

For Fans , By Fans .
Trade Freely , Never For Sale.
Support The Artist , Buy The Album.

Pass the music on ...


Neil Young 1976-11-04 The Forum, Inglewood, California

I'm Wonderin' that Never see this show on the tracker
As promised : a new fresh Transfer and restore of "Old Man's Fancy" double vinil bootleg".


The Forum, Inglewood, California
November 4, 1976

01 Campaigner
02 Human Highway
03 After The Gold Rush
04 Pocahontas
05 Too Far Gone
06 Old Man
07 A Man Needs A Maid
08 Sugar Mountain
09 Country Home
10 Don't Cry No Tears
11 Down By The River
12 Lotta Love
13 Like A Hurricane
14 Drive Back
15 Cinnamon Girl
16 Cortez The Killer

Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, banjo, harmonica
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals

Transfer from Double vinil Bootleg "OLD MAN'S FANCY"
Note : the 2 songs with Spirit and Firefall are not enclosed.

Total Time : 01:21:01"

Art covers by AV enclosed




Iron Maiden 1981-05-24 Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan(Maiden Japan Complete)

IRON MAIDEN live at the Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, 24th May 1981

Digipak CD bootleg - xACT - FLAC

The one and only early IRON MAIDEN bootleg you will ever need (unless you're a maniac like me who wants to listen to ever different versions of IRON MAIDEN songs!).

Recording stems from the same concert and is just as good in sound quality as the "Maiden Japan" aka "Heavy Metal Army" 12", whose songs are part of this recording.

This is by far the best sounding early Iron Maiden concert available, probably originating in a fm radio broadcast (I remember owning a recording of it on which two Japanese guys used to hum and sing to Iron Maiden's songs).

For printing/developing purposes, I am including high resolution (300 dpi) scans of both the cover outside and inside.

Enjoy this rare recording that I was after for many, many years!



The Who 1972-09-14 Palaeur Rome, Italy

LDB Special Series #364 (RLR collection)

Out of my 7,000+ shows and radio broadcasts, I have many concerts that were special for some reasons: the setlist, the
musicians, the venue or unexpected events. These are the ones I'd like to propose you. Most of these come from my
cassettes collection, so they will be released at a slower pace than my Master Series! But you won't be disappointed!
I will try to gather the most unusual things I have in my collection and, as always, your feedback and comments will be my
reward for all the work involved in this project.

DO NOT share this music on mp3, just convert it for your own use. Sharing mp3's is the right way to make me stop sharing
music here.

I think I have something really special to share with all Dimers, but first a bit of background. RLR has been a very active
trader back in the early 80´s with very wide musical tastes: he could go from Kiss to Joni Mitchell; from Genesis to Deep
Purple, Queen, Simple Minds, The Who, Springsteen and many more. In the past I could access his enormous collection to get
many U2 tapes some of which I have been sharing with you folks.

RLR had all sorts of tapes in his collection, traded not long after the show happened so most of them are low generation, in
particular tons of shows recorded in Italy which to me are some of the most interesting. Some of them, I had never seen
circulating in the trading circuit. Unfortunately he did not care about generation so this info, except for the shows he
has as masters, is not available.

RLR has kindly given me access once again to his collection. It was like a "kid in a toy shop" situation: it was hard to
select tapes and at the end I came home with some 250 tapes to listen and eventually to transfer in the digital domain. Some
of them will be shared here, possibly the most interesting ones.

I am ok with blogs and sites to re-post my seeds - provided they are in lossless form - however I ask you to keep intact the
infos of the concert including that this is part of LDB series.

And I am referring to (and not only):


Roma, Palaeur
September 14, 1972

01.I Can't Explain
02.Summertime Blues / My Wife
03.Baba O'Riley
04.Behind Blue Eyes
06.Won't Get Fooled Again
07.Magic Bus
09.Pinball Wizard
10.See Me, Feel Me
11.My Generation
12.Naked Eye

TT 103:06

Lineage: Unknown recording device > low generation tape > Aiwa Tape Deck TC-WE475 > Audiophile 2496 Soundblaster > HD >
SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

John Entwistle – bass guitar, keyboards
Roger Daltrey – lead vocals, harmonica
Pete Townshend – guitar, vocals
Keith Moon – drums


Roger Waters 2017-07-20 Nationwide Arena Columbus Ohio

Roger Waters
Nationwide Arena
Columbus Ohio
July 20, 2017

SP-CMC-08 (AT-943) > SP-SPSB-11 (@69Hz) > Zoom H2N 16/44.1 > PC > GoldWave > Flac

Section 202 Row E
Recorded by Gitard

Set One
01 Speak To Me - Breathe
02 One of These Days
03 Time
04 The Great Gig in the Sky
05 Welcome To The Machine
06 Deja Vu
07 The Last Refugee
08 Picture That
09 Wish You Were Here
10 Another Brick in the Wall Parts 2 & 3

Set Two
01 Dogs
02 Pigs (3 Different Ones)
03 Money
04 Us and Them
05 Smell The Roses
06 Brain Damage - Eclipse
07 Band Introductions
08 Vera - Bring The Boys Back Home
09 Comfortably Numb

Roger Waters - vocals, guitar, bass
Dave Kilminster - guitar
Jon Carin - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Jonathan Wilson - guitar, vocals
Gus Seyffert - guitar, bass
Drew Erickson - Hammond Organ, piano
Joey Waronker - drums
Ian Ritchie - saxophone
Lucius (Jess Wolfe, Holly Laessig) - backing vocals

WOW! I've been looking forward to this show all year, and I was not disappointed!
Musically and visually superb, Waters still puts on a top notch show. If you see
only one concert this year make it this one. A pretty tame crowd around me and a good
location yielded a pretty good recording.

As always, support the artists. Go see their shows, buy their albums and merchandise.

No Eq, just a volume boost. Tweak as you like. Feel free to make album art or remaster if
you wish but do not sell this recording or distribute in lossy formats. Enjoy!


Iron Maiden 1985-01-28 Capitol Center Landover, MD

Iron Maiden
1985-01-28 Landover, Capitol Center, Maryland, US

Source : AUD
Quality : A-
Time Lenght : 55:15 / 38:12
# CD : 2

Lineage: Online trade --> CD-R with Nero --> EAC --> FLAC level 8 with dbPowerAMP

Track list:

CD 1:
Aces high (5:08)
2 minutes to midnight (6:12)
The trooper (4:44)
Revelations (7:33)
Flight of Icarus (3:45)
Rime of the ancient mariner (14:55)
Powerslave (7:11)
Guitar solo (5:47)

CD 2:
The number of the Beast (4:57)
Hallowed be thy name (7:09)
Iron Maiden (4:33)
Band intros (3:27)
Run to the hills (4:00)
Running free (9:20)
Sanctuary (4:47)

For free trade only. Don't sell.
This was made by the fans for the fans.


Rush 1981-03-01 International Amphitheater, Chicago, Il(6th source)

Rush - Chicago Illinois Master Recording
Media: 2 CDR
Source: Audience
Date: March 1, 1981
Location: International Amphitheatre. Chicago, Illinois


01 - 2112 Overture 4:05
02 - Temples of Syrinx 2:15
03 - Freewill 6:07
04 - Limelight 5:03
05 - Hemispheres Prelude 4:21
06 - Beneath, Between, And Behind 2:51
07 - The Camera Eye 10:58
08 - YYZ 2:21
09 - Drum Solo 5:23
10 - Broon's Bane 0:52
11 - The Trees 4:25
12 - Xanadu 13:11


01 - The Spirit of Radio 5:52
02 - Red Barchetta 7:00
03 - Closer To The Heart 3:51
04 - Tom Sawyer 4:48
05 - Vital Signs 5:32
06 - Natural Science 7:58
07 - Working Man 1:17
08 - Hemispheres Armageddon 0:53
09 - Bytor And The Snowdog 3:57
10 - In The End 1:40
11 - In The Mood 1:35
12 - 2112 Grand Finale 2:53
13 - La Villa Strangiato 10:22

Rush @ the International Amphitheatre Chicago Illinois USA on March 1st 1981 MASTER RECORDING

Hard to believe being at the side of the stage minus -5th row main floor 
ended up with such classic results. There was not one single person anywhere because
I was in a spot that had no view of the stage at all. You saw no one in this section. 
I put the microphones on the ledge of the first row Mezzanine (hockey glass), covered 
with one of those very washed out bootleg black Pakistan concert t-shirts and left 
while I went to an area to see the stage. I still had a view of the recorder.
The master tape came out with some very high end phasing that I believe was a combination
of the recorder having excessive ware and the TDK SA-X tapes. The problem went 90% fixed
when I stopped the SA-X tapes. Most gen cassette copies could not pick this up. The raw 
version you hear everything. I want to say the SECOND CD SMOKES!! A big reason this recording
is popular. Played back on the identical unit. This deck is one finger touch of static
charge from failing. I needed the defibrillator a few times to keep it going for the four
months I was archiving. It finally failed when I was archiving (Pat Metheny 1981), damn!

GeddyOnDime remastered this exact archive I believe on a 1st gen of this Master cdr.

Cut and paste in your ulr bar for a pic of this portable.

Analog Master RB 

SEAT: All the Way Over Right side of stage -5 row main floor 1st row Mezzanine 
Tape: TDK SA-X C-90 both tapes MASTER TAPES
DECK: Technics RS-686DS 
MICS: Sony ECM 33F  Round 9 volt battery E-206

Playback on identical unit (thank goodness). 

Analog out >
Using Chord Company cables from Naim...>
Played through the Naim Audio NAC-52 pre-amp>
to the Tascam CD-RW-2000 Standalone CDR Burner.
Mastered to Gold Satin Taiyo Yuden 74-ZY CDR's
PC drive.....Plextor UltraPlex40max CDR-ROM SCSI W/adaptec 2930
EAC (1.8X ripping speed or SLOWER on all my uploads)>FLAC>YOU GUYS, Enjoy RB

Rush 1981-03-01 International Amphitheater, Chicago, Il(5th source)

International Amphitheatre
Chicago Illinois


Disc 1

01 2112 Overture / Temples of Syrinx 6:18
02 Freewill 6:08
03 Limelight 5:00
04 Hemispheres: Prelude 4:29
05 Beneath, Between, And Behind 2:48
06 The Camera Eye 10:56
07 YYZ / Drum Solo 7:53
08 Broon's Bane / The Trees 5:09
09 Xanadu 13:00

Disc 2

10 The Spirit of Radio 5:22
11 Red Barchetta 7:10
12 Closer To The Heart 3:48
13 Tom Sawyer 4:57
14 Vital Signs 5:24
15 Natural Science 8:07
16 Medely: Working Mon 1:18
17 Hemispheres Armageddon 0:54
18 Bytor And The Snow Dog 3:59
19 In The End 1:41
20 In The Mood 1:36
21 Grand Finale 2:27

22 La Villa Strangiato 9:43


Eeklairs Notes:

All raw RUSH recordings deserve the kind of treatment that only true fans can serve up. This is just such an occasion.

There were 4 tracks i had to delete because they weren't part of this show!! They were probably remnants from a previous recording included in Analog4011's original torrent. This tells me the tapes used to record with were not virgin.

The songs were indexed by someone unknowledgable of Rush songs. For instance, Hemispheres and Beneath Between Behind were indexed as one track, and they weren't the only tracks clumped together. The Trees and Xanadu were also in one track. And then there's the medely... All are now repaired. And yes RB I read your disclaimer about bad tracking...

Then I compressed the mids and lows alot to try to beef up the recording. This gave me an opportunity to punch the levels up from 30% saturation to about 90% saturation.

I also cross-mixed a few '2-parters,' like The Trees, and Natural Science, which now has a wacky sort of verse in the middle now, but I blended it - saving as much of the original recording as possible without deleting.

I also re-indexed alot of the tracks due to cut off intro's for about 80% of the songs.

I Know RB will probably wish to read me the riot act for sharing my remaster of his upload, and he's entitled to do so. After all he is the taper. But in turn he should appreciate my efforts, after all, I am the remasterer...

Lastly I'd like to thank Ruby at Dime for showing me the light.



Analog4011's original Notes:

Hard to believe being at the side of the stage minus -5th row main floor
ended up with such classic results. There was not one single person anywhere because
I was in a spot that had no view of the stage at all. You saw no one in this section.
I put the microphones on the ledge of the first row Mezzanine (hockey glass), covered
with one of those very washed out bootleg black Pakistan concert t-shirts and left
while I went to an area to see the stage. I still had a view of the recorder.
The master tape came out with some very high end phasing that I believe was a combination
of the recorder having excessive ware and the TDK SA-X tapes. The problem went 90% fixed
when I stopped the SA-X tapes. Most gen cassette copies could not pick this up. The raw
version you hear everything. I want to say the SECOND CD SMOKES!! A big reason this recording
is popular. Played back on the identical unit. This deck is one finger touch of static
charge from failing. I needed the defibrillator a few times to keep it going for the four
months I was archiving. It finally failed when I was archiving (Pat Metheny 1981), damn!

GeddyOnDime remastered this exact archive I believe on a 1st gen of this Master cdr.

Cut and paste in your ulr bar for a pic of this portable.

Analog Master RB

SEAT: All the Way Over Right side of stage -5 row main floor 1st row Mezzanine
Tape: TDK SA-X C-90 both tapes MASTER TAPES
DECK: Technics RS-686DS
MICS: Sony ECM 33F  Round 9 volt battery E-206

Playback on identical unit (thank goodness).

Analog out >
Using Chord Company cables from Naim...>
Played through the Naim Audio NAC-52 pre-amp>
to the Tascam CD-RW-2000 Standalone CDR Burner.
Mastered to Gold Satin Taiyo Yuden 74-ZY CDR's
PC drive.....Plextor UltraPlex40max CDR-ROM SCSI W/adaptec 2930
EAC (1.8X ripping speed or SLOWER on all my uploads)>FLAC>YOU GUYS, Enjoy RB

All my uploads are exactly as the master...RAW! This includes all
if any...gaps, cut songs, pops and bad tracking. But if I were you,
don't let this discourage you to download.