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"Twilight At The Old Waldorf"

San Francisco, CA, USA
The Old Waldorf
March 20, 1981
Format: 1 CD-R


Source: ???
Quality: Good Audience
Taper: - - -
Transfer: CD-R [obtained in trade] > Easy CD-DA Extractor > dB Power AMP Music Converter > Flac
Converted to Flac by: Midnight


Disc One: [62:30]

01. The Ocean
02. Twilight
03. I Will Follow
04. 11 O' Clock Tick Tock
05. An Cat Dubh
06. Into The Heart
07. Another Time, Another Place
08. Cry / The Electric Company
09. Things To Make And Do
10. Stories For Boys
11. Boy Girl
12. Out Of Control
13. A Day Without Me
14. 11 O' Clock Tick Tock
15. The Ocean
16. I Will Follow


Thursday, December 13, 2012

U2 1981-02-10 Beursschouwburg Brussels, Belgium

Main Set: unknown, but includes Another Time Another Place, Cry / Electric Co., Things To Make And Do, Stories For Boys, Twilight 
Comments: The show is taped and portions are broadcast later on RTBF program Rock Follies, hosted by Ray Cokes.  


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U2 1980-09-29 Maida Vale studios

London, Maida Vale studios
September 29, 1980

01.I Will Follow
02.The Electric. Co.
03.An Cat Dubh
04.Into the Heart (incomplete)

Lineage: Radio One broadcast > n generation tape > Aiwa Tape Deck AD-WX828 > Audiophile 2496 > HD > SoundForge 8.0 >
CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Bono - vocals
The Edge - Guitars
Larry Mullen Jr. - Drums
Adam Clayton - Bass (and blond hair)

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Townes Van Zandt 1995-11-20 Bayerischer Rundfunk Munich, Germany


Date: 1995-11-20 (20 November 1995)
City: München (Munich), Germany
Venue: Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio)
Broadcast: Nachtsession Feedback on Bavarian Radio BR2, 2004-03-07 (7 March 2004),
presented by Sabine Gietzelt (this was a re-broadcast)

FM (analog cable) > DAT > WAV (optical transfer) > flac level 8

01  Snake Mountain Blues
02  Interview
03  St. John The Gambler
04  Interview
05  A Song For
06  Interview
07  Katie Belle Blue
08  Interview
09  Catfish Song

TRT: approx. 27 min

- My final contribution to the TOWNESFEST, from a re-broadcast of this 1995
interview/radio session in 2004.


Townes Van Zandt 1994-11-21 Muffathalle Munich, Germany


Date: 1994-11-21 (21 November 1994)
City: München (Munich), Germany
Venue: Muffathalle
01-04: Nachtsession Feedback on Bavarian Radio BR2, 2004-03-07 (7 March 2004),
presented by Sabine Gietzelt
05-08: Zündfunk Live on Bavarian Radio BR2, early 1995

01-04: FM (analog cable) > DAT > WAV (optical transfer) > flac level 8
05-08: FM (analog cable) > cassette tape > WAV > CD-R > EAC > WAV > flac level 8

01  Dollar Bill Blues
02  Pancho & Lefty
03  Blaze's Blues
04  Two Girls
05  At My Window (w/ Ostbahn Kurti)
06  A Song For
07  White Freightliner Blues
08  For The Sake Of The Song

TRT: 34:42 min

- Another little contribution to the TOWNESFEST, and another set cruelly cut to size by
Bavarian Radio. This one is even shorter, because, as far as I remember, they broadcast a few
tracks by the opening band before Townes’ set.
- Tracks 01-04 are from a re-broadcast in 2004, tracks 05-08 are from the initial broadcast
following the show. The earlier broadcast comprised all of these songs, but I used the first
four tracks from the re-broadcast because I taped them to DAT and the sound quality is a little
better. The re-broadcast also included "For The Sake Of The Song", but faded out before the
end, so I kept the complete track from the earlier broadcast.
- According to the botlist, this has been on dime before (fell off the tracker in 2008), but I think this version using tracks from the re-broadcast might be an upgrade.
- Townes announces Ostbahn Kurti before "At My Window" as "East Train Kurt".


Townes Van Zandt 1994-05-06 The County Hotel Perth, Scotland

Townes Van Zandt
The County Hotel
Perth, Scotland

6 May 1994

Received in a trade as FLAc files
Unknown audience recording
Quality: B/B-

Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Two Girls
03. Dollar Bill Blues
04. A Song For
05. Katie Belle Blue
06. The Hole
07. Short Haired Woman Blues
08. Jokes
09. Snowin' on Raton
10. Joke
11. Talking Karate Blues
12. Pancho And Lefty
13. Still Looking For You
13. Talking Thunderbird Blues

Disc 2

01. No Deal
02. Buckskin Stallion Blues > Intro to BW Railroad Blues
03. BW Railroad Blues > Intro to Blaze's Blues
04. Blaze's Blues
05. You Are Not Needed Now
06. Tecumseh Valley
07. Intro to If I Needed You > If I Needed You
08. Turnstyled, Junkpiled
09. When He Offers His Hand
10. Lost Highway (Leon Payne)
11. Flyin' Shoes
12. Loretta
13. The Catfish Song


Townes Van Zandt 1992-12-11 Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL

Townes Van Zandt
Beat Kitchen,
Chicago, IL

11 December 1992

Audience, received in a trade as flac-files

01 Dollar Bill Blues
02 banter
03 If I Needed You
04 Nothin'
05 No Lonesome Tune
06 Waitin' Around To Die
07 Rex's Blues
08 BW Railroad Blues
09 banter
10 Pancho And Lefty
11 banter
12 Marie
13 The Hole
14 Talkin' Thunderbird
15 Lovers Lullabye
16 Tecumseh Valley
17 banter
18 To Live Is To Fly


Townes van Zandt 1990-10-08 The Winning Post York, England

Townes van Zandt
The Winning Post
York, England

8 October 1990

Received in a trade as flac-files

Set 1

01 Buckskin Stallion
02 Marie
03 Talkin' Thunderbird
04 Pancho & Lefty story
05 Pancho And Lefty
06 Short Haired Woman Blues
07 Blaze's Blues
08 Rex's Blues
09 The Hole
10 No Place To Fall
11 I'll Be Here In The Morning
12 joke
13 Dollar Bill Blues

Set 2

01 Don't Take It Too Bad (fades in)
02 To Live Is To Fly
03 Lungs
04 Nothin'
05 Our Mother The Mountain (fades in)
06 Flyin' Shoes
07 Tecumseh Valley
08 No Lonesome Tune
09 No Deal
10 Snowing On Raton
11 White Freightliner
12 Colorado Girl


Townes van Zandt 1989-04-12 Amerika House, Tuebingen, Germany

Townes van Zandt
Amerika House, Tuebingen, Germany

01 Loretta
02 Rex's Blues
03 Waitin' Around to Die
04 Cocaine Blues
05 Flyin' Shoes
06 The Cuckoo Song
07 Lover's Lullaby
08 St John The Gambler
09 T For Texas
10 Tecumseh Valley
11 Snake Mountain Blues
12 Don't Take It Too Bad
13 Mr Mudd and Mr Gold
14 The Tower Song
15 White Freightliner Blues
16 Colorado Girl
17 Buckskin Stallion Blues
18 intro to Pancho and Lefty
19 Pancho and Lefty
20 Marie
21 No Place To Fall

22 Lungs
23 Short Haired woman Blues
24 The Shrimp Song
25 Fraulein
26 To Live Is To Fly
27 My Home's Across The Smokey Mountains
28 Ain't Leavin' Your Love
29 Snowin' On Raton

SDB, Ripped w/ EAC in secure mode w/ offset -> tracks re-arranged in Adobe Audition > TLH to check for lossiness, SBEs, to encode to FLAc level 6 and to create chsecksum files.

The sound quality is pretty good. There's a very decent tape hiss,
mostly audible only  in quiet parts or when TvZ talks. sometimes you'll
notice what sounds like a decent tape speed problem. I couldn't correct
this in Adobe Audition. That doesn't mean a lot though, my experience in
speed correction is very limited. That's why I'd like to have a real sound
expert doing the job.

Some flaws were edited, a few small flaws remained.  f.e. CD 1 tr 11 around 0:45

This recording includes some tracks rarely performed live.  Received by CD-R trade 5 years ago in a completely weird shape.  Track separation was crazy, Cd 2 had more than 70 wav-fragments.  Obviously there are different versions of this show circulating.  Two of the songs from my copy are not listed in the artwork mentioned before.


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Townes Van Zandt 1985-09-20 The Boardwalk Cafe

Townes van Zandt w/Mickey White and Donny Silverman
The Boardwalk Cafe
Unknown city

20 September 1985

Unknown audience recording, received in a trade.
Sound quality: B

It's unknown in which city the Boardwalk Cafe is/was. I'm positive it has been investigated, without result so far.

Townes is accompanied by Mickey White on guitar and Donny Silverman on flute.

10 tracks, don't know if this was the complete show or not, but it's all there is.

01. Short-haired Woman Blues
02. Pueblo Waltz
03. Racing In The Streets
04. Waitin' Around To Die-> Kathleen
05. The Carfish Song
06. You Are Not Needed Now
07. Texas River Song
08. Song intro
09. Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold
10. To Live Is To Fly


Townes Van Zandt 1973-09-06 Whole Coffeehouse University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN

Townes Van Zandt
Live at the Whole Coffeehouse
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN, USA
September 9, 1973

Great sounding show.

CD-R trade>EAC (secure w/ read offset)>WAV>FLAC frontend > FLAC

1. I'll Be Here In The Morning 3:04
2. The Cuckoo 3:22
3. Hobo Bill 3:09
4. Where I Lead Me 3:16
5. Broke Down Engine Blues 5:14
6. For the Sake of the Song 5:08
7. Nothin' 2:53
8. Molly And Tenbrooks 3:28
9. Talkin' Thunderbird Blues 2:23
10. Pancho and Lefty 3:43
11. Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold 2:38
12. Tecumseh Valley 4:35
13. Ballad of Ira Hayes 3:59
14. (Quicksilver Daydreams of) Maria 4:38
15. Tying' a Knot in the Devil's Tail 2:30


John Cowan 2012-01-15 Barking Legs Theater Chattanooga, TN

john cowan trio + john frazier
barking legs theatre
chattanooga, tn

set 1 (~63 min)

02-my time in the desert > ?
03-tomorrow morning
04-east meets wes
05-safe within your arms
06-glory in the meeting house
07-got to carry on
08-tuesday afternoon >
09-goin' to california >

10- ? battle of new orleans
11-bristol town (john forgets lyrics)
12-in my father's field
13-bristol town > ?
14-king of california

set 2 (80 min)
02-let's make a baby king
03-hold to a dream
04- ?
05-in the wee small hours of the morning
06-crazy creek
07-dark as a dungeon
08-yardbird suite
09-black blizzard (john and shad)
10-nothing but the blues
11-callin' baton rouge
12-frontporch swing (jeff and shad)
13-this river
14-jesus gave me water

source: bsc2/k31(NOS)>v2>mr1000(24/48) ~2' loc, @ ~6ft (seated crowd)
transfer: mr1000>audiogate(24b>16b)>cdwave>tlh
master, transfer, seed by john m

notes: level adjustment after first song.  tiny room and packed house on a sunday night. the laughter you hear
in set 1 track 4 and 5 is due to shad's dog hanging out on stage doing "cute" dog stuff.  during quiet times you can
hear foot tapping from stage and crowd.
 brief knocking sound in set 2 track 4 during mandolin solo is his mando
hitting the house mic as he's jamming.
  shad cobb is amazing and john's voice is in great shape.

john cowan - bass/vocals
jeff autry - acoustic guitar/vocals
shad cobb - fiddles/vocals
john frazier - mandolin/vocals

thanks to mr cowan for supporting tapers throughout the years!  go see him live and buy his stuff.

Van Halen 1998-08-14 Greatwood Mansfield, MA

AUGUST 14, 1998






10: JUMP

All thanks to the taper B.  I did not get the recording information at the time of the trade.

Anyone have the show (with known lineage) from the night before that was aborted after about a half hour?


Van Halen 1995-07-26 Starwood Amphitheatre, Antioch, TN

Van Halen
07.26.95 - Antioch, TN
Source: Starwood Amphitheatre, Antioch, TN. July 26th 1995
Sound Quality: A
Disc 1: 63:48
Disc 2: 48:16

Disc 1:
01. The Seventh Seal (6:38)
02. Big Fat Money (3:43)
03. Why Can't This Be Love (3:58)
04. Top Of The World (5:39)
05. Not Enough (4:14)
06. Bass Solo (2:33)
07. Runaround (4:43)
08. Aftershock (5:40)
09. Drum Solo (7:46)
10. Can't Stop Lovin' You (4:12)
11. Feelin' (9:22)
12. Eagles Fly (5:20)

Disc 2:
01. Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love (4:28)
02. Guitar Solo (8:20)
03. You Really Got Me (3:07)
04. Jump (4:43)
05. There's Only One Way To Rock (4:35)
06. Dreams (9:02)
07. Panama (5:29)
08. Right Now (8:31)


New Grass Revival 1982-03-11 Euphoria Tavern Portland, Oregon

New Grass Revival
Euphoria Tavern
Portland, Oregon
11 March 1982

Soundboard > Maxell XLII > Nakamichi Dragon > Olympus LS-10 @ 24/48 > SoundForge 9 > 16/44.1 level 8 FLAC

01 [cut]Get on the Wind
02 Dancin' with the Angels
03 Indian Hill
04 intros
05 Where Do I Go from Here
06 Spring Peepers>
07 Eager and Anxious
08 Watermelon Man
09 Sapporo
10 I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky

Sam Bush - mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and vocals
Bela Fleck - banjo and vocals
Pat Flynn - guitar and vocals
John Cowan - bass and vocals

   NGR was opening for John Hartford for two shows this night.  Just before the second show I asked Kathy Bush if I could plugin my Brother-in-law's old flat top Sony cassette deck and to my surprise she said yes and helped me get it plugged in, altough we missed the first few seconds of Get on the Wind.
   I used SoundForge 9.0 to even out some level changes at the start, normalize the levels, remove the tape noise, and add tracking.  Then saved to level 8 FLAC files at 16 bit / 44.100 hz.


Alison Krauss & Union Station with Jerry Douglas 1998-05-14 Chubb Theatre Concord, NH

Alison Krauss & Union Station with Jerry Douglas
Chubb Theatre
Concord, NH
May 14, 1998

Lineage:Dig Aud : Audio Technicas ATM-35 Hyper Cardiod Capsules>Sony D8 DAT
mics in Hat 2nd Row Left Center KC in the Straw Hat (VtTaper)
DAT>DAT copy Sept. 1998 Casio DA-7>Panasonic SV-3700
Remastered March 2004 Panasonic SV 3700 DAT>Tascam CD-RW 700
Feb 18, 2006 to FLAC

Disc 1

1st Set:

d1t01 I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
d1t02 So Long, So Wrong
d1t03 The Road Is A Lover
d1t04 Foolish Heart
d1t05 Little Liza Jane
d1t06 Alison Introduces Jerry
d1t07 Find My Way Back To My Heart
d1t08 Baby, Now That I've Found You
d1t09 Crowd
d1t10 Ghost In This House
d1t11 I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers
d1t12 Too Late To Cry
d1t13 Another Day, Another Dollar
d1t14 Jerry Banter-Promotes "Restless On The Farm"
d1t15 A New Day Medley
d1t16 I've Got That Old Feeling
d1t17 Gentle River
d1t18 Banter
d1t19 Fade...

Disc 2:

2nd Set

d2t01 ...Banter (cross fade)
d2t02 Deeper Than Crying
d2t03 Dan Introduces Barry
d2t04 In The Palm Of Your Hand
d2t05 Wheatabix
d2t06 It Won't Work This Time
d2t07 I Don't Know Why
d2t08 Wild Bill Jones
d2t09 Every Time You Say Goodbye
d2t10 Alison Talks About The Cox Family
d2t11 Longest Highway
d2t12 New Favorite
d2t13 When You Say Nothing At All
d2t14 Oh Atlanta
d2t15 Crowd

d2t16 Talk
d2t17 There Is A Reason
d2t18 Band Intros//

Alison Krauss        Fiddle, Vocals
Jerry Douglas         Dobro, Pedal Steel
Dan Tyminski        Guitar, Vocals
Ron Block        Banjo
Barry Bales        Bass

Notes: First Tour with Jerry Douglas on Dobro
Stelth Tape Job, some crowd and talking otherwise an excellent recording
Can be made seemless by eliminating d1tr19 and d2tr01


Alison Krauss & Union Station 2005-05-01 Merle Watson Memorial Bluegrass Festival North Wilksboro, NC

Alison Krauss & Union Station
01 May 2005
Watson Stage
Merle Watson Memorial Bluegrass Festival
North Wilksboro, NC

Lineage: Neumann km184> Sony SBM1> Sony D7(master DAT 48 khz)>
Montego 11 Digital I/O> 44.1khz wav x1
to FLAC March 30, 2006 by Bill Koucky

Disc 1     50:03

01. Restless
02. This Sad Song
03. Unionhouse Branch
04. Goodbye is All We Have
05. Wouldn’t Be So Bad
06. Rain Please Go Away
07. Every Time You Say Goodbye
08. Bright Sunny South
09. Carroll County Breakdown
10. It Don’t Matter Now
11. Forget About It
12. Gravity
13. Pastures of Plenty

Disc 2    52:13

01. My Poor Heart
02. I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
03. We Hide And Seek
04. The Lucky One
05. Baby Now That I’ve Found You
06. When You Say Nothing At All
07. If I Didn’t Know Any Better
08. Oh, Atlanta
09. You Will Be My Ain True Love
10. Down In The River To Pray
11. A Living Prayer


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alison Krauss and Union Station 2001-10-27 Speedway Meadows,Golden Gate Park San Francisco,CA

Alison Krauss and Union Station
October 27th,2001
Speedway Meadows,Golden Gate Park
San Francisco,California,USA

Hat Mounted Realistic PZM's with
Sony WMD6-C
60 feet away,right side
TDK MA 110 No nr

Recorded and transfered by Russ Cansler

set list
01) Let Me Touch You For Awhile [03:18]
02) Instrumental [03:20]
03) The Lucky One [03:28]
04) Baby,Now That I've Found You [04:49]
05) Carry Me Across The Mountain [03:10]
06) Every Time You Say Goodbye [03:41]
07) Someday I'll Be a Man [03:01]
08) Instrumental [02:41]
09) Intro Ron Block [02:17]
10) Stay [03:21]
11) Broadway [03:55]
12) Ghost in this House [04:31]
13) Forget About It [03:16]
14) Intro Barry Bales [01:39]
15) Man of Constant Sorrow [03:41]
16) Intro Jerry Douglas [00:58]
17) Instrumental [05:30]
18) Intro Larry Atamanuic [00:44]
19) Oh,Atlanta [04:22]
20) Band Intro>Crowd[02:59]
21) When You Say Nothing At All [04:09]
  total 69:14

Alison Krauss- Fiddle,Vocals
Ron Block-Banjo,Guitar,Vocals
Barry Bales-Bass Guitar
Jerry Douglas-Dobro
Dan Tyminski-Mandolin,Guitar,Vocals
Larry Atamanuic-Drums

notes: First "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival"
 Some close talking as people walk by


Alison Krauss & Union Station 2000-03-24 The Chicago Theater Chicago, IL

Alison Krauss & Union Station
The Chicago Theater
Chicago, IL

Source: DAUD  > ? > shn

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 It Don't Matter
d1t03 Forget About It
d1t04 It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
d1t05 Baby, Now That I've Found You
d1t06 Steel Rails
d1t07 Ride The Wild Turkey
d1t08 The Road Is A Lover
d1t09 Every Time You Say Goodbye
d1t10 Tiny Broken Heart
d1t11 Sleep On
d1t12 Heart Has Found A Home

d2t01 Tribute To Peader O'Donnell / Takarasaka
d2t02 It Won't Work This Time
d2t03 Lose Again
d2t04 Wild Bill Jones
d2t05 So Long, So Wrong
d2t06 We Hide & Seek
d2t07 Ghost In This House
d2t08 Stay
d2t09 When You Say Nothing At All
d2t10 Maybe
d2t11 Oh, Atlanta

d2t12 In The Palm Of Your Hand


Alison Krauss & Union Station - 1998-08-21Filene Center Wolf Trap, Vienna VA

Alison Krauss & Union Station  - 08/21/1998
Filene Center - Wolf Trap, Vienna VA

The Road is a Lover
Find My Way Back to My Heart
Baby, Now That I've Found You
Ghost in This House
Curtains of Night
Too Late to Cry
Another Day, Another Dollar
Tribute to Peader O'Donnell > Takarasaka
I've Got That Old Feeling
Gentle River
In the Palm of Your Hand
It Won't Work This Time
I Don't Know Why
Wild Bill Jones
Every Time You Say Goodbye


Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas 2006-11-14 Tucson Convention Center Arena Tucson, AZ

Alison Krauss and Union Station
featuring Jerry Douglas
November 14, 2006
Tucson, Arizona
Tucson Convention Center Arena

Time Frame:
concert started at @8:00PM
concert ended at @10:00PM
Files transfered via usb @10:30PM
Listened to till 11:00PM
Files encoded and edited 11-12:19PM
Tracking till 12:39PM
Encoded to FLAC 12:40AM-12:53 AM
FFP and SBE tested 12:53AM-12:58 AM
Art: Ticket Scanned/Edited by Phempa 12:45 AM-1:55 AM
A Few Bongs In Between...
Seeded to Lossless Legs 2:00AM

A **GEMS** Production  November 14/15, 2006
             A Phempa and Jamie Source

Recording Info:
MM-MCSM-4 (cardioids)->MM-EBM-1(roll-off @ 16hz)->M-Audio24/96 Microtrack->48/24 wav file
(Big Thx to JAZ for the loan of the stealth lil M-Audio; we needed it for this venue)
from IRC Chat...
01:16 <&bliggy> how'd u guys have them mounted?
01:16 <~Phempa> in my crotch
01:16 <~Phempa> lol
01:16 <~Phempa> direct from the phempa's crotch
01:18 <~Phempa> well
01:18 <~Phempa> clipped to the bottom of my shirt
01:18 <~Phempa> resting on my lap

Editing Info:
Wavelab6.0- 48/24 wav file->BBE(2.5/2.5/0),L3(levels/dither),Crystal SRC->44.1/16
FLAC Level8 in TradersLilHelper   SBE FREE

-very strict security for taping
-nice sounding recording, left side (from Jerry Douglas' speaker side)
-19 tracks, not labeled.
-Thanks to Mom for the tickets and a nice evening. This recording is for her. Enjoy!
-CD Cover art By Phempa


Billy Squer 1981 or 1983 Reading Festival UK

Billy Squier - Reading Festival UK, August 1981/83?

1.  In The Dark  4:15
2.  Rich Kid  4:43
3.  My Kind Of Lover  4:28
4.  Lonely Is The Night  8:26
5.  The Stroke  4:03

BBC FM broadcast (Radio One Rock Show) from the k9 archives

Reel to reel -> SB USB -> Cool Edit -> eac (track splitting) -> flac (8)


Bruce Springstenn 1972-03-17 Richmond Arena, Richmond, VA

Fantastic Virginia, Vintage Masters, VMCDR 230A/B
Richmond Arena, Richmond, VA, USA, March 17 1972

Original CD-r --> EAC (Secure) --> Waw --> Flac Level 8 & Align
EAC Log Files, md5 Files (Flac & Waw), Artwork Included (Front, Back & Discs 300 dpi)

101 - Do It With A Feeling
102 - Cherokee Queen
103 - Look Towards The Land
104 - Mama I'm Coming Home
105 - Not Fade Away / Bo Diddley's A Gunslinger
106 - Hoochie Coochie Man
107 - When You Dance

201 - When You Dance
202 - Goin' Back To Georgia
203 - Got My Mojo Workin'
204 - It'a All Over Now, Baby Blue


Justin Currie 2010-06-17 WFUV-FM Bronx,NY

Justin Currie

01. Interview
02. A Man With Nothing To Do
03. Interview
04. Can't Let her Go Now
05. Interview
06. Always The Last To Know
07. Interview


Townes Van Zandt 1993-06-18 Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

Townes Van Zandt

Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

Lineage: FM (1 gen tape?) -> PC -> Audacity -> TLH (SBEs, FLACs)
Transfer: Arcana Aug. 2010
Quality: A-, FM
No Artwork

01. Dollar bill blues
02. Pancho & Lefty
03. Brand new companion
04. Two girls
05. Lungs (cuts in)
06. Rex´s blues
07. Nothin´
08. The ribbons of love will keep me true sane
09. Kathleen
10. The cuckoo
11. Brother flower
12. If I needed you
13. Pinball Machine (1st verse)
14. Tecumseh Valley
15. Flyin´ shoes
16. Don´t you take it too bad

The sound quality of this recording would be A+ if there weren't an annoying background buzz on this tape. I was unable to remove it without degrading the quality of the music. Luckily it's not too distracting during the songs. I don't know If any versions of this FM broadcast have been shared before anywhere.

According to TWZ, he played as a support for Melrose (a Finnish rock'n'roll band) this evening. The day after this gig he played at Country Cavalcade Festival in Karjaa, Finland. After that he travelled to Holland, bought a sailboat and sailed the English channel all the way to Ireland to make a record with Shane MacGowan. Or that's what he tells the audience anyway... :)


Alison Krauss & Union Station 1989-11-15 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA

Alison Krauss & Union Station
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

01    Intro
02    Two Highways
03    Wild Bill Jones
04    Beaumont Rag
05    Steel Rails
06    Lighthouse
07    Standing By The Bedside
08    Little Rabbit
09    There's No Place To Hide
10    Wheatabix
11    Sad Song?
12    Too Late To Cry
13    I Will
14    Will You Be Leavin'**
15    Molly and Tenbrooks**

Alison Krauss    Fiddle
Allison Brown    Banjo
Jeff White    Guitar
Victor Krauss    Bass
David Grisman**    Mandolin

Recorded/Transferred by:
Bob Miller
Hat Rig: Nak100 Caps->Sony TCD5M->Cass(M)->Nak BX300->Creative LiveDrive IR->16bit/44.1k>Mkw->SHN

Edited/Normalized with SoundForge5.0

Note: Opened for The Blue Rose Band

Sector boundry errors fixed with shntool v2.0.3 and new md5 generated with 2004-06-20 by Gary F.


Alison Krauss & Union Station 2000-05-04 Flynn Theatre Burlington, Vermont

Alison Krauss & Union Station
Flynn Theatre
Burlington, Vermont
May 4, 2000

Source: Audio Technica at 853rx(card caps) >  Sony D-8 DAT x 1
Transfer: Panasonic SV-3700 > UA-5 > USB > WaveLab
Mastering with iZotope Ozone 4 > CD Wave > Flac
Transfer and mastering July 3, 2009

Alison Krauss - Fiddle, Vocals
Dan Tyminski - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Ron Block – Banjo, Guitar
Barry Bales – Bass
Jerry Douglas – Dobro

1.    It Don’t Matter Now
2.    Forget About It
3.    It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference
4.    Baby, Now That I’ve Found You
5.    Steel Rails
6.    Ride The Wild Turkey
7.    The Road Is A Lover
8.    Every Time You Say Goodbye
9.    Tiny Broken Heart
10.    Windy City Rag
11.    I’ve Got that Old Feeling
12.    Your Heart Has Found A Home
13.    A Tribute To Peador O’Donnell > Monkey Let The Hogs Out
14.    It Won’t Work This Time
15.    Lose Again
16.    Wild Bill Jones
17.    So Long, So Wrong
18.    We Hide And Seek
19.    Ghost In The House
20.    Stay
21.    When You Say Nothing At All
22.    Maybe
23.    Oh Atlanta
24.    crowd
25.    In The Palm Of Your Hand

Time:    114:13

To burn to 2 discs, begin d2 with t12, or wherever you’d like.


The Replacements 1985-07-01 7th St Entry, Minneapolis, MN

JULY 01, 1985
7th St Entry, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Source: FM(?) Broadcast> ? >?
Conversion: CD-R> EAC (Ver. 0.95 prebeta 5)>WAV >FLAC Frontend (Ver. 1.7.1 Etree Edition)> FLAC Level 8
SOUND QUALITY: This is a professionally-recorded live show taken from a radio broadcast. It is in stereo, and the sound quality rates about a 7 out of 10.
Converted by: Jojo Batin


1. Hear You Been to College   
2. Bastards of Young   
3. Gary's Got a Boner   
4. Color Me Impressed   
5. I'll Buy   
6. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out   
7. Unsatisfied   
8. Punk Poop (aka 1977)   
9. Jean Genie   
10. Can't Hardly Wait   
11. Dose of Thunder   
12. The Man who Invented Himself   
13. I Wanna Destroy You   
14. I Will Dare    
15. Little Mascara   
16. Left of the Dial   
17. Take me Down to the Hospital   
18. Takin' A Ride   
19. I'm in Trouble   
20. Rattlesnake   
21. Hitchin' A Ride   
22. Customer   
23. Kids Don't Follow

The Replacements are:
Paul Westerberg - Vocals, Guitars
Bob Stinson - Lead Guitars
Tommy Stinson - Bass
Chris Mars - Drums

This show was recorded in mid-1985, shortly before or after Tim was released (I'm not sure which). As a result, they do a lot of Tim songs, including a few like "I'll Buy" that didn't wind up in the live rotation for very long. There's also a great rendition of "Punk Poop", a Westerberg original that was never studio recorded. This is a fairly serious, straightforward, high-quality show, without a lot of goofy covers or fucking around. And the cover contains photos of Bob without his pants... what more could you want? - FOSHAY TOWER


Monday, November 19, 2012

Alison Krauss & Union Station 2012-07-08 Tanz & FolkFest ,Heidecksburg Rudolstadt, Germany

Alison Krauss & Union Station feat. Jerry Douglas


venue: 22.Tanz&FolkFest (TFF), Heidecksburg
location: Rudolstadt, Germany

broadcast date: 2012-07-09 (July)
Broadcast station: MDR Figaro

lineage: FM broadcast> cable FM> Technics SA-EX140> Olympus LS-5> PCM 88,2khz/24bit>
adobe audition> 44,1khz/16bit> cd wave> track splitting> traders little helper> FLAC (level8)

02.Paper Airplane
03.Dust Bowl Children
04.Who's Your Uncle
06.Sinking Stone
07.Let Me Touch You For Awhile
08.Ghost in This House
09.Baby, Now That I've Found You
10.Band Introduction
11.Rain Please Go Away
12.Sawing on the Strings
13.Wild Bill Jones
14.Every Time You Say Goodbye
15.Instrumental/The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
16.Dimming of the Day
17.Band Introduction
18.Man of Constant Sorrow

20.When You Say Nothing At All
21.Whiskey Lullaby
22.Down To The River To Pray
23.Your Long Journey
24.There Is A Reason

Alison Krauss - vocals,fiddle
Dan Tyminski - guitar, mandolin
Ron Block - banjo
Jerry Douglas - dobro
Barry Bales - bass
Larry Atamanuik -drums


Alice Cooper 2012-06-21 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte NC

Taped by Jerry B. aka "The Govner"

01 Vincent Price Intro
02 The Black Widow
03 Brutal Planet
04 Eighteen
05 No More Mr Nice Guy
06 Hey Stoopid
07 Orianthi Guitar Solo
08 I'll Bite Your Face Off
09 Feed My Frankenstein
10 Poison
11 Wicked Young Man
12 Killer
13 I Love The Dead
14 School's Out
Total Time 50:35


Neil Young 1983-07-26 Cal Expo Amphitheatre, Sacramento, CA

Neil Young
w/ The Shocking Pinks

Cal Expo Amphitheatre, Sacramento, California, USA

Analog master > DAT > DAT clone
DAT > optical > Hutch DAT copyprocessor mkII (scms bypass) > coax > PC (s/pdif in @ 48kHz) > Adobe Audition (fades i/o, tape-flip edits, normalization, sample rate conversion) > CDWave (tracking) > flac(8)

01. Dan Clear intro
02. Comes A Time
03. Motor City
04. Down By The River
05. Soul Of A Woman
06. Old Ways
07. Old Man
08. Helpless
09. Dance Dance Dance *
10. Heart Of Gold *
11. Don't Be Denied
12. Dan Clear chat/intermission

13. Sail Away
14. Powderfinger
15. Ohio
16. After The Gold Rush
17. Transformer Man
18. My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
19. Mr. Soul
20. Sugar Mountain
21. Jellyroll Man
22. That's All Right (Mama)
23. Wonderin'
24. Kinda Fonda Wanda
25. Bright Lights, Big City
26. Get Gone
27. Everybody's Rockin'
28. Do You Wanna Dance?
29. Outro

Note:  * Small skips. A-D transfer-error?

Tour:  1983 Shocking Pinks Tour
Band:  The Shocking Pinks
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica, vocoder
Ben Keith - guitar, alto saxophone
Larry Byron - piano, trumpet, vocals
Anthony Crawford - guitar, vocals
Rick Palombi - vocals
Craig Hayes - baritone saxophone
Tim Drummond - bass
Karl T. Himmel - drums
Larry Cragg - drums, banjo,pedal steel guitar
Pegi Young - vocals
Inez Bongiorn - vocals
Connie Simmons - vocals
Rosemary Lovell - vocals


Tim O'Brien 1990-06-22 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Telluride, CO

Tim O'Brien Band
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Telluride, CO

Master Aud(Beyer M-88 -> Sony TCD5-M) Cassette (Maxell XLII-S) -> Nakamichi BX300 -> Creative Audigy2-ZS -> Soundforge 7 (WAV) -> TLH (Flac)

Recorded/Transferred by Bob Miller

01    Intro
02    Lone Tree Standing
03    Hungry Eyes
04    One Way Street   
05    Band Intros
06    Shadows In My Room
07    Lonely At The Bottom Too
08    Saint Anne's Reel
09    Momma Knows The Highway
10    Love On Hold
11    Pushed Too Far
12    Late In The Day
13    Circles Around You
<Tape Flip>
14    "Happy Birthday Dino"
15    Hold To A Dream
16    12 Gates To The City (1)
17    Romance Is A Slow Dance

Tim O'Brien    - Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin
Nick Forster    - Guitar
Jerry Douglas    - Dobro
Mark Schatz    - Bass
(1) Sam Bush    - Mandolin


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Leftover Salmon 1997-04-01 Wild Duck, Eugene, OR

Leftover Salmon
Wild Duck, Eugene, OR

Orginal cassette tape: gen 1 dsbd maxell XL II 90

Digital conversion: JVC TD-W118 > Zoom H4 as wav 44.1Khz 16 bit > CD Wave > flac

Set 1
01. Voodoo Queen Marie
02. Shame n scandle
03. ???
04. amnensia
05. Lick it
06. Country Blues
07. Head Bag
08. This is the time  ^
09. Honky Tonk women
10. Madame Rosin
11. Beter

Set 2
01. Little Maggie
02. Shape I'm in
03. Shortest song
04. Calonda
05. Steam powered aeroplane
06. 4:20 polka>Blame it on the bosa nova>Moose's lucky day>Lillipop
guild>Stairway to gillian's isle>freebird riff>Ironman>Smoke on the
07. Whippin post   ^
08. Foggy Mountain fogdown
09. Hotel Rocky top>Rocky road blues>I know my mother>Passaway>Low
rider jam>Lively up yourself>Glendale train> Rocky road blues  @
10. Lonesome rd
11. Planet Claire
12. Green thing>whiskey before breakfast> goin over that waterfall
13. Salty dog
14. E: wake n bake

^ tape flip
@ with Billy Nershi

Here is a old LoS tape I decided to convert to digital format.
This one was labled dsbd & sounds great with a wild ass set list. enjoy, Bert

Uploader's Notes 01Oct2012:
I found these files on my hard drive with file dates from four years
ago and I don't remember when I downloaded them or from where. I made
temporary copies in wav format and ran an analysis against them with
TLH. All the files tested as cdda with at least 99% probability. The
results are included. I've renamed and tagged the files, but the audio
data is unchanged by me. I also made sure that none of these
recordings have been released commercially.

The sound is very good and I think it is a sound board recording


Mary Chapin Carpenter 1993-10-27 Corn Exchange, Cambridge,UK

Mary Chapin Carpenter
Corn Exchange, Cambridge
Oct 27 1993

1.  I Feel Lucky
2.  He Thinks He'll Keep Her
3.  Going Out Tonight
4.  Rhythm Of The Blues
5.  Read My Lips
6.  You Win Again
7.  I Am A Town
8.  Only A Dream
9.  Down At The Twist And Shout
10. The Hard Way
11. I Take My Chances
12. The Things That Matter
13. Passionate Kisses

1.  How Do
2.  Halley Came To Jackson
3.  This Shirt
4.  Quittin' Time
5.  Never Had It So Good
6.  Come On Come On

Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony TCD-D3
Transferred to .wav on a Phillips CDR deck (model unknown)
.wav files converted to FLAC8 via Trader's Little Helper

An EBR Recording


The Complete Marvel Chronology-CMC 1958

CMC 1958 00-12/195800 Jim Solar Space Sheriff in Spidermen of Venus (Wisco Klarer) fc only.cbz 554.88 KB
CMC 1958 00-12/195800 Mrs Lyons Cubs - Stan Lee with Joe Maneely.cbz 2.58 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195800 The Bird's Eye Kids Go Shopping (Timely Illustrated Features) .cbz 16.43 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195800 The Birds Eye Kids Go Fishing (Timely Illustrated Features Birds Eye) fc only.cbz 1.08 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195800 The Birds Eye Kids Go Shopping (Timely Illustrated Features Birds Eye) fc only.cbz 1.93 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195800 The Birds Eye Kids in the Kitchen (Timely Illustrated Features Birds Eye) fc only.cbz 953.41 KB
CMC 1958 00-12/195801 Gunsmoke Western v1 044.cbr 22.65 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195801 Homer the Happy Ghost v1 017.cbz 31.10 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195801 Kid Colt Outlaw v1 076.cbr 20.81 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195801 Love Romances 073 fc only.cbz 927.83 KB
CMC 1958 00-12/195801 Marines in Battle v1 021.cbr 23.70 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195801 Millie The Model 082.cbr 15.56 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195801 Miss America 088 fc only.cbz 1.11 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195801 My Own Romance v1 061.cbz 21.29 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195802 Battle v1 056.cbr 27.57 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195802 Navy Combat v1 016.cbr 27.00 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195802 Patsy Walker v1 075.cbr 24.14 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195802 Patsy and Hedy 056 fc only.cbz 1.01 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195802 Strange Tales 061.cbr 13.03 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195802 Two Gun Kid v1 040.cbz 33.78 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195802 World of Fantasy 010.cbz 8.27 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195802 Wyatt Earp v1 015.cbr 9.83 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195803 Gunsmoke Western v1 045.cbz 31.76 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195803 Homer the Happy Ghost v1 018.cbz 24.03 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195803 Kid Colt Outlaw v1 077.cbr 16.41 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195803 Love Romances 074 fc only.cbz 0.99 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195803 Marines in Battle 022 fc only.cbz 1.01 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195803 Millie the Model 083 fc only.cbz 904.29 KB
CMC 1958 00-12/195803 Miss America v1 089.cbr 19.09 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195803 My Own Romance 062 fc only.cbz 1.22 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195804 Battle v1 057.cbr 30.50 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195804 Navy Combat v1 017.cbz 28.07 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195804 Patsy Walker v1 076.cbz 20.87 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195804 Patsy and Hedy 057 fc only.cbz 1.07 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195804 Strange Tales 062.cbr 12.81 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195804 Two Gun Kid v1 041.cbz 32.30 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195804 World of Fantasy v1 011.cbr 24.46 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195804 Wyatt Earp v1 016.cbr 20.68 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195805 Gunsmoke Western v1 046.cbz 33.00 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195805 Homer the Happy Ghost v1 019.cbz 29.83 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195805 Kid Colt Outlaw v1 078.cbr 16.86 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195805 Love Romances 075 fc only.cbz 1.16 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195805 Marines In Battle v1 023.cbz 34.52 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195805 Millie the Model 084 fc only.cbz 889.79 KB
CMC 1958 00-12/195805 Miss America 090 fc only.cbz 1.11 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195805 My Own Romance 063 fc only.cbz 1.06 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195806 Battle v1 058.cbr 29.28 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195806 Navy Combat v1 018.cbr 21.16 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195806 Patsy Walker v1 077.cbz 30.49 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195806 Patsy and Hedy v1 058.cbz 29.80 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195806 Strange Tales v1 063.cbr 26.54 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195806 Two Gun Kid v1 042.cbz 32.80 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195806 World of Fantasy 012.cbz 2.57 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195806 Wyatt Earp v1 017.cbr 9.64 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195807 Gunsmoke Western v1 047.cbr 15.08 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195807 Homer the Happy Ghost v1 020.cbz 30.42 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195807 Kid Colt Outlaw v1 079.cbr 16.63 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195807 Love Romances 076 fc only.cbz 999.03 KB
CMC 1958 00-12/195807 Marines In Battle v1 024.cbr 20.64 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195807 Millie the Model 085 fc only.cbz 485.32 KB
CMC 1958 00-12/195807 Miss America 091.cbr 14.65 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195807 My Own Romance v1 064.cbz 21.83 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195808 Battle v1 059.cbr 27.35 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195808 Navy Combat v1 019.cbr 27.00 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195808 Patsy Walker v1 078.cbz 20.80 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195808 Patsy and Hedy v1 059.cbr 28.15 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195808 Strange Tales v1 064.cbr 24.16 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195808 Two Gun Kid v1 043.cbr 33.58 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195808 World of Fantasy v1 013.cbr 9.35 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195808 Wyatt Earp v1 018.cbr 9.15 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195809 Gunsmoke Western v1 048.cbr 29.05 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195809 Homer the Happy Ghost v1 021.cbz 23.70 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195809 Kid Colt Outlaw v1 080.cbr 16.49 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195809 Love Romances 077 fc only.cbz 917.04 KB
CMC 1958 00-12/195809 Marines in Battle v1 025.cbr 29.54 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195809 Millie the Model 086 fc only.cbz 950.37 KB
CMC 1958 00-12/195809 Miss America v1 092.cbz 34.01 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195809 My Own Romance v1 065.cbz 30.98 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195810 Battle v1 060.cbr 19.34 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195810 Navy Combat v1 020.cbz 41.11 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195810 Patsy Walker v1 079.cbz 22.01 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195810 Patsy and Hedy v1 060.cbz 19.74 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195810 Strange Tales v1 065.cbr 23.29 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195810 Two Gun Kid v1 044.cbr 22.85 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195810 World of Fantasy v1 014.cbr 18.10 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195810 Wyatt Earp v1 019.cbr 10.07 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195811 Gunsmoke Western v1 049.cbz 31.09 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195811 Homer the Happy Ghost v1 022.cbz 24.45 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195811 Journey Into Mystery v1 049.cbr 19.59 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195811 Kid Colt Outlaw v1 081.cbz 16.13 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195811 Love Romances 078 fc only.cbz 994.45 KB
CMC 1958 00-12/195811 Millie the Model Comics v1 087.cbz 29.82 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195811 Miss America v1 093.cbz 10.13 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195811 My Own Romance 066 fc only.cbz 1.06 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195812 Battle v1 061.cbz 19.62 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195812 Patsy Walker v1 080.cbz 19.91 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195812 Patsy and Hedy v1 061.cbz 20.23 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195812 Strange Tales 066.cbr 11.13 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195812 Strange Worlds 001.cbr 10.79 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195812 Two Gun Kid v1 045.cbr 22.41 MB
CMC 1958 00-12/195812 World of Fantasy 015.cbz 6.27 MB

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 

Neil Young 2012-09-29 Global Citizen Festival 2012 Central Park Great Lawn New York, NY

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Global Citizen Festival 2012
Central Park Great Lawn
New York, NY
29 September 2012

As usual these days, these sets recorded straight to my Edirol R-09's built in mics. The copied from SD card to my Mac and cut into tracks exported to FLAC with Amadeus Pro. Fingerprints created with xACT; Torrent file ands upload facilitated with Transmit. 

These will convert back to 24/48 audio. Convert as you need but please do not trade other then original files.

This is an amazing set by Neil and the Horse at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park NYC. It features some old favorites and three nice new songs the Horse has been playing this year. This was recorded by me out in the field; overall sound is good not too much crowd or chatter. This is none of the rare times Neil is actually out playing under a full moon and a Harvest Moon a that. (Neil usually saves full moon dates each month for the studio.) An amazing set for a great cause, one of the big issues they were discussing from the stage between music sets was the drive to fully eliminate Polio from the last three countries in the world where it exists and I think it was somehow pretty cool that the big headline act is fronted by a Polio survivor. Rock on Neil!!

Here is the setlist.
1-Love and Only Love
3-Born in Ontario
4-Walk Like a Giant
5-The Needle and the Damage Done (Solo Acoustic)  
6-Twisted Road (Solo Acoustic)
7-Fuckin' Up
8-Rockin' in the Free World (with all the previous acts joining in) 


Monday, November 12, 2012

ELO 1982-02-13 Frankfurt Festhalle, Frankfurt, West Germany

The Electric Light Orchestra Live at the Frankfurt Festhalle,
Frankfurt, West Germany 1982-02-13 AUD copy from master
This is a very high-energy performance! The band pay a special tribute
to John Lennon by performing several Beatles numbers.

This concert is a direct one-on-one from the master tape.
Unfortunately, the tape used was made by KCC. KCC used BASF tape in
their own housings. The early ones they distributed tended to fail,
and the tape would either stall or break. This one was no exception.
At some time in the early 1990's the guts were transfered to a Maxell
UDXLII housing, where they remain today. The tape was found to be in
poor condition with both leader ends broken off. That was repaired,
and a transfer was made.

ELO played most of their songs in a party-style medley during this
show, 27 of them in fact. Yours truly used an extremely small pair of
digital tweezers to seperate all of them out for you. It's believed
the whole thing will just fit on a single CDr, if you don't have any
pauses between tracks.


Is That What You Want
Evil Woman
Livin' Thing
Telephone Line
From The End Of The World
The Way Life's Meant To Be
Mik Kaminski Violin Solo
Violin Blues With Band
The Tribute To John Lennon: Nowhere Man
TTTJL: Across The Universe
TTTJL: A Day In The Life
Ma Ma Ma Belle (fades out)
Can't Get It Out Of My Head
Wild West Hero
Turn To Stone
Mr. Blue Sky
Sweet Talkin' Woman
Shine A Little Love
Last Train To London
Do Ya
Hold On Tight
Don't Bring Me Down
Roll Over Beethoven (very beginning cut)

MC copy from master: Sound Forge 6.0 ->High end polish, bass boost
->NR, track splitup ->Flac Frontend level 6, sectors aligned and


A DoinkerTape


*Al Stewart 1976-11-12 Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA

Al Stewart 1976-11-12 Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA

Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski

01 Apple Cider Reconstitution
02 The Dark And The Rolling Sea
03 One Stage Before
04 Soho (Needless To Say)
05 On the Border
06 Broadway Hotel
07 Roads to Moscow
08 Sirens Of Titan
09 Year of the Cat
10 Carol


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Doc Watson 1977-05-30 Diligentia, The Hague, Holland

Doc Watson 1977-05-30
Diligentia, The Hague, Holland
FM 1st generation analoge

Here's one for the real pickers. Great musicians, great roots music.

Sounds a little dusty, but hey it's 30 years ago.

14 songs set. Checked the song titles as much as I could.
Don't know the names of the instrumentals, help would be appreciated.

Doc Watson, guitar and harmonica
Merle Watson, guitar
T Micheal Coleman, bass

01 Fix Me A Pallet
02 Instrumental
03 Shady Girl
04 Pretty Sorrow
05 The Last Thing On My Mind
06 Instrumental
07 Natural Born Gambling Man
08 Instrumental
09 Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia
10 Gypsy Woman
11 Minglewood Blues
12 Treat Me LIke A Fool ?
13 Blue Suede Shoes/Tutti Fruti
14 Rain Crow Bill


Paul Westerberg 1996-09-12 Fantasy Studios, KFOG-FM, Berkely, CA

Fantasy Studios, KFOG-FM, Berkely, CA, Sept. 12, 1996 [SBD]!

01. Waiting For Somebody
02. Valentine
03. Once Around The Weekend
04. These Were The Days
05. I Will Dare
06. Ain't Got Me
07. Achin' to Be
08. John, I'm Only Dancin'
09. Mammadaddydid
10. Black Eyed Susan
11. Merry Go Round
12. Angels Walk
13. Love Untold
14. Left Of The Dial

If you're a fan of the Replacements you really have to have this!!
Really fantastic sound & performance!!!



Waylon Jennings 1985-10-26 Samuel Clemens Performing Arts Center Elmira, New York

Waylon Jennings
Samuel Clemens Performing Arts Center
Elmira, New York
Aired: October 26, 1985
The Silver Eagle #224


01 Luckenbach, Texas
02 Are You Ready For The Country
03 Clyde
04 Amanda
05 I Can Get Off On You
06 Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
07 Lonesome, On'ry and Mean
08 I May Be Used
09 Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out Of Hand
10 Theme From "The Dukes Of Hazzard"
11 Good Hearted Woman
12 Sure Hank Done It This Way
13 Mamas Don't Let Your Babies
14 Ain't Livin' Long Like This
15 I've Always Been Crazy