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John Lennon The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 13 & 14 Walrus 024/025

JOHN LENNON - The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 13 & 14
Walrus 024/025

1. Imagine (Alternate Mixes)
2. J.J. (St. Regis Hotel, 1972, early Angela version)
3. Attica State (Acoustic demo)
4. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Alternate Version)
5. Sweet Little Sixteen (Alternate Take)
6. Bless You (Early rehearsal, rougher than found on "Something Precious And Rare")
7. Many Rivers To Cross (Home Recording)
8. Cookin' In The Kitchen of Love (Demo of a song given to Ringo, "Rotogravure")
9. My Life (Demo for Starting Over)
10. I Watch Your Face (Demo for Starting Over)
11. Serve Yourself (Piano Demo for Starting Over)
12. The Worst Is Over (Home Demo)
13. Watching The Wheels (Blues Demo Version)
14. Beautiful Boy (Extend composing tape; lyrics taking shape)
15. I Don't Want To Face It (Take #1 Acoustic Demo)
16. Medley: Beautiful Boy/Howling At the Moon/Dakota Rap/Across The River
17. Real Love (Take #5 Acoustic Demo, Alternate Take)
18. Beautiful Boy (Take #2 of the "Fritz and Heinz" series)
19. Stepping Out (Alternate Take)

1. Cleanup Time (Rehearsal)
2. Beautiful Boy (Altenate Mix)
3. Watching The Wheels (Alternate Mix)
4. Dear Yoko (Alternate Mix)
5. Cleanup Time (Alternate Mix)
6. You Saved My Soul (Post Double Fantasy Demo)
7. Illusions (Unreleased Track)
8. He Said...He Said (Composing Tape 1966 "She Said, She Said")
9. She Said...She Said (Demo With Finished Lyrics)
10. Yer Blues (Take #1 of Rock N' Roll Circus. Clapton, Richards, Mitchell backing up John)
11. Oh My Love
12. Oh My Love (Early demos with preliminary lyrics refferring to Yoko's miscarriage)
13. Because
14. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
15. Give Peace A Chance #1 (13-15 Canadian bed in recordings; King Edward Hotel, Toronto; May 25th)
16. Give Peace A Chance #2 (June 1st; Montreal)
17. Give Peace A Chance #3 (Later Rehearsal)
18. Give Peace A Chance #4 (Soundtrack of Documentary Film)
19. Give Peace A Chance #5 (A Brief Version of Undetermined Origin)
20. God (Acoustic Demo)
21. My Mummy's Dead (Rough Mix)
22. It's So Hard (June 4th 1971; King Curtis Joins John)
23. Come Together (1972, One-To-One Rehearsal)
24. Honky Tonk Blues (1972, One-To-One Rehearsal)
25. I Know (Take #3 of a series of acoustic demos)
26. Rock 'N Roll People (Rough Mix of Take #7)
27. Only People (Second Alternative Mix)
28. Whatever Gets You Through The Night (June 1974, Acoustic Demo)


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